This is the Mass (book)

I have a book given to me many years ago titled This is the Mass, published in 1958. It has pictures of Bishop Fulton Sheen celebrating the TLM (who also wrote the introduction), along with descriptions of Bishop Sheen’s actions during the Mass by Henri Daniel-Rops, with pictures by Yousef Karsh. The pictures are all black-and-white, except for the one facing the title page, shown below:

There is a TLM in Jacksonville, about 90 minutes away. I’m planning to attend it sometime this year on one of my weekends off…

That looks like a beautiful book. Archbishop Sheen has had such a profound influence on my faith.

My parents had that book and I loved it even as a very young child and I think it helped my early love of the Mass, I pored over the pictures and the descriptions.

I first saw this book as a boy when I was browsing in a book shop - around 12 years old and at that time a Presbyterian in a small town, who would not have wanted to get seen reading such a “dangerous” book. The beauty of the photographs and descriptions in the book stirred my curiosity like something else and I never forgot it and, you guessed, I converted to the traditional Catholic faith (and the traditional latin mass) some years later. Thank you to Bishop Fulton Sheen!

Hey you show-offs :stuck_out_tongue: ,

is the book still in print? Where can you get it?


Part of my inhertiance from my Grandfather (as I’ve come to call the rather rich collection of books I got from him after he died–it’s not an offical inheritance, per se) is this book…beautiful pictures, very dramatic, and they all emphasize the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass very well.

-ACEGC had a few copies the last time I checked.

When I get around to getting a new printer/scanner (my old one bit the dust), I may just scan the whole book and post it online for everyone to see.


I own the 1965 edition of this book. It’s very interesting. Even though it was published after the Council, it is very traditional. :slight_smile:

God bless,




I have that book too!


I also have a copy of the book. It was given to me as a gift from some Catholic friends. That was a pretty fine present.

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