This is what women in the class of 2020 really want

  1. Help with student loans, as women are disproportionately affected by student loan debt and unemployment.
  2. The promise of equal pay.
  3. A workplace for today’s world. Childcare issues have become more significant as a result of COVID.

#3 strikes me as particularly significant right now. I know many, many women who are terrified of what will happen in the fall when they’re expected to return to work and their children will be doing school remotely part-time, or when they’re working full-time from home and trying to manage caring for and educating their children.

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1- The student loan situation is a major problem, but as the article points out, women tend to have more difficulty with debt due to their chosen professions. The whole American college tuition structure needs to be revamped for all students.

2- Isn’t possible to enforce since the wage gap is largely statistical noise.

3- I predict that most workplaces will shift to the remote model as much as possible, due to continued concerns of COVID and the simple fact that many workers find the current setup much more convenient. Unfortunately, it may take awhile for some businesses to commit to these changes.

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