This is why 'Im going to Africa,,

From the news article:

Long tormented by division and disunity, with 350 ethnic groups speaking 250 languages, Nigeria is rapidly becoming a cauldron of religious and ethnic strife on a continent that has just begun to experience the full impact of Islamist radicalism.

I apologize if you have discussed your vocation here and I have missed it, but what are you planning on doing there? Are you planning on going to Nigeria, specifically? IF so, are you or your family originally from that country?

I am friends with a priest from Nigeria—felt so bad for the folks there. They definitely need all our prayers…and al quada—yikes!!! Another perspective terror base—definitely another concern for homeland security…:eek::eek::eek:

Naw. I’m from a country called Texas. I know some seminarians from the Sheol regions, but they won’t go back bc they know the dangers.

It sounds like a dangerous place, and perhaps an especially difficult place for an outsider (particularly an American.)

What were you planning on doing there?

THAT its dangerous and difficult is the reason I am going. Physically, not everyone can go, but I can, so I am. To feed the orphans of war. And provide shelter for refugees. And hopefully a safe presence.

God bless you.

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