This is why Some Christians should now stop preaching the Bible ( alarming )

Disgusting behaviour from a Christian.

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That is not preaching as much as it is a bashing.


If I wasn’t a Catholic Christian I would want to be Jew.


Wouldn’t call it preaching. Misuse of the Bible is more like it.

Unfortunately the Bible has been misused to justify atrocities many times throughout history. Anti-semitism is one; another example that comes to mind is slavery.


It’s totally awful.

In his heart he probably thinks he’s doing the will of God… Many public preachers are doing bad things.

How odd a Jewish family was targeted at first , until a brave Muslim stepped in. I assume there may have been other Christians on the train that sat quite.

So for those Christians who judge Muslim & Jewish people , take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

I wasn’t able to access the article because it kept jumping around my screen.

However, I refuse to be silenced just because Joe Schmoe who claims to be a Christian behaves badly.


That’s why, I was told by a priest that the best, and most effective, way to preach the Gospel is through your action. Talk is cheap!


There’s a gentleman who stands at the exit at my train station every evening and yells about being saved. While I respect his tenacity, I have to wonder how effective his approach is.

On the other hand, if he reaches just one person isn’t it all worth it?

Edited to say: this gentleman doesn’t bash anybody or put anybody down like the person in the article, people like that are in a whole different category.


Totally agree, bro! :+1::+1:

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Given that it is practically illegal in the UK to do.any street preaching, because anyone can report anything as making them uncomfortable and hence using hate speech, it seems a bit strange that this would happen at all, much less be attacking someone Jewish and be reported by someone Muslim.

OTOH, there is a lot of anti-Semitic criminal activity and threatening behavior in Europe, and usually it goes unpunished. So that part is plausible.

Given that the African-UK guy “preaching” is also adamant that he is not a Christian pastor and wants to fight, and that he then blames Jewish people for the slave trade (whaaat?), I would say that he is a conspiracy theorist just using Christian texts, and/or insane.


Actually, talk isn’t cheap. If you want your words to share the gospel intelligently and lovingly, you need to be prepared, both mentally and spiritually. That takes some work.

When people say you must only “preach” by doing good works, this is incomplete. The Bible also calls us to verbally share our faith.

For every one Christian who is obnoxious verbally, there are countless others who remain silent, when they could have shown love to someone who needs it.


Is he Christian or a Black Hebrew Israelite?

All in all, it’s kind of a big “whatever.” TIL there are rude and possibly crazy people in the world. This isn’t news. This is the Sun making hay with a crazy man’s antics to smear Christianity. Nothing wrong with preaching or those passages in the bible.

So how long until the UK bans public preaching…or has it?


I understand where you’re coming from. :wink::wink:

I didn’t access the article as I conscientiously boycott the Sun newspaper for the lies it has spread throughout the years especially against people from my home City of Liverpool where most newsagents refuse to stock the paper. However by reading this thread I can infer that this individual was using Christianity as an excuse to act on their own prejudices. This is something we all need to be careful of.


I’m not sure that Black Hebrew Israelites consider themselves Christian, and I don’t either for that matter. Muslims believe and proclaim some of what is stated in the Holy Bible, however they certainly aren’t “Christian”.

Nevertheless, that is very uncharitable behavior. DNA does not grant you eternal life or make you superior to others.


Awful. And that poor woman deflected the whole thing away from the child and onto herself. A true mother. :gift_heart: (Edited to add: I am embarrassed for all the men who did not step in.)

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The Sun is a “news” source whose whole purpose is to fan flames and generate outrage.

That said, cases like this is what anti-religion people latch onto for their whole all-Christians-are-hateful-bigots trope . . . kind of like how people see terrorism and come to the all-Muslims-are-terrorists conclusion.

These incidents are, to paraphrase a famous author, a whetstone on which to sharpen one’s prejudices.

They’ve been going on for a long time. We just now have Smartphones to record them.

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These were the guys who started the whole Covington Catholic High School brouhaha!
The students at the pro life rally went to hear the “Israelites” and on the way that Native American activist got up in their students’ faces and started a whole guano-storm


Really? I had no idea they were involved with the whole Covington ordeal. I’m not surprised though… They always seem to create conflict wherever they go.


Very true.

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