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From the Catholic Hierarchy group:

Note: Pope Benedict XVI today waived the 5 year delay before opening
the cause for Pope John Paul II - so the cause for his canonization is
now officially open.



Awesome news! In light of all the miracle reports already pouring in, I doubt it will take long to get 3 official ones.


While he will eventually be officially recognized as a saint, there is no doubt in my mind that he already has his eternal reward in heaven. Thank you God for this wonderful Shepherd!


I like to think of what it was like in heaven when John Paul II the Great arrived. God the Father must have really glowed wih pride and said “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Mary, Our Mother, and her beloved Son greeted him with open arms. Jesus had prepared such a wonderful and exaulted place for him. His guardian angel must have been popping his wings!!! Maybe he had more than one guardian angel. Mother Teresa probably helped Our Lord “prepare a place” for him. And all of the saints he canonized and beautified. Oh! and Sr. Lucy of the Fatima children, along with Francisco and Jacinto.

And when he saw his own family. He was no longer an orphan!!! He is with his mom and dad. Reunited with his brother and meets for the first time his sister. Wow!!! What a homecoming that must have been.

And, of course, Terri Schiavo was there thanking him for speaking up for her.

Holy Father, John Paul II, we love you and please continue to pray for us. And thank you for your intercession in chosing our new Holy Father, Benedict XVI!!! Callie


I heard this on my local Catholic radio station and am very glad. St John Paul II the Great deserves no less.


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