This little mormon boy gets excited by...

…hearing about how humans preserve the past and make it accessible to the present and future. I’ve always been a big fan of museums and libraries and whatnot. I remember back in college, learning about the Library of Alexandria and how it was destroyed, I actually shed a real tear. (Am I a dork or what? ;))

So when I hear about stuff like this, I get excited:

Preserving the Vatican’s Historic Treasures

EMC is working with systems integrator partner Dedagroup, and providing 2.8 petabytes of storage capacity – enough to store the 40 million pages of digitized manuscript – across our industry-leading Isilon, Atmos, Data Domain, Networker and VNX solutions over the initial three years of the project. Content will be preserved in an ISO-certifiable digital format that will protect the delicate texts from the deterioration and decay that can be caused by repeated handling.

Good job Catholics! Now, if you could also be so kind as to provide a cross-referenced english translation for all 87,000 manuscripts, I could die happy. (I know, I might have to wait a few hundred years for that one.)

That’s great. I am, (un)fortunately, an “A” personality. I am also a practiced eruditamantor and a confirmed gnosophiliac. So I like it when records of anything (everything) are preserved. Similarwise, as far as the languages are concerned, translations should be limited, in hopes it will inspire (or force) people to make the effort to teach their children a few languages other than what is spoken at home.

It think it is marvelous. All that good stuff available to us lay-scholars. I can’t hardly wait. I’ll never have my computer turned off when it becomes available.


It is exciting.

So Neuro, would you be like a kid in a candy shop if you were ever allowed into “the vault”?

What’s that?

The Granite Mountain Records Vault in Little Cottonwood Canyon where the LDS church keeps geneological and historical records, also known as “The Vault”.

Oh, absolutely I’d love to see that place. Mormons have been happily digitizing records for decades, heavily involved in sites like and, so all the genealogical stuff is probably online by now. I remember before my grandma passed away in 2005, she had a blast learning about computers so she could do her “indexing”.

But yes, I’d still love to poke around in the corners of places like that, looking for stuff the scanning team missed. (Insert random lighthearted joke here about salamanders or Howard Hughes or whatever you like.)

Great video the comments below the video. Ugh more closed minded people ranting.:mad:

My wife’s gonna kill me when I tell her I need to buy 1,400 2TB drives. :smiley:


Better to get into the LDS vault where the keep the stuff they are afraid to show people, Like the stuff they bought from Mark Hoffman when Mark Hoffman fooled the lds god.

Sorry I don’t mean to derail but I’m almost stunned that you first heard of the destruction of the library in Alexandria in college, it was mentioned in my grade school social studies book, my reaction was like yours though even in sixth grade. Just a few years ago I was reading a Magic Tree House book to my kids and I couldn’t get through the destruction of the library without choking up and pausing to discuss what a tragedy that was. I’ll now go and follow your link and read the rest of the thread.

WOW such horrible posts after the video. Why do people think of the Vatican this way? :eek:

False claim, Texan. Hoffman only fooled mortals.

But there is surely something in our human psyches that just relishes a good conspiracy story about hidden knowledge and guilty nefarousness surrounding the guys in power.

Anyone remember that 1986 Sean Connery film where he was sent to find out who was murdering the monks to keep secrets secret?

Meh - youtube video comments sections are usually where you find the dregs of uninformed and uncharitable human opinion. I think you’re safe ignoring them. I certainly have.

Oh, I had probably heard about it before in my public school education. But one of my history classes in college is where it finally stuck.


I hope EMC is giving the Vatican Library a deep discount for the case study video!

So God gives Joseph Smith a heads up on the “evil” plan regarding the 116 lost pages yet lets his leaders waste consecrated tithing dollars on forgeries? Either God must have not seen that one coming or just figured the money spent was just a rounding error on his P&L.

I think actual historical events are more interesting. Like when church leaders violate constitutional rights to desperately keep secrets secret. For example, destroying things like printing presses.

I followed up on the haters, who have a web site. They claim the church stole, destroyed and killed millions. Then they talked about becoming immortal here on earth or some such craziness so I knew it was just from crazies and no amount of talking to them will help.

I found out yesterday that a Mormon organization will have some small involvement in this massive Vatican’s library digitizing project. It’s the Center for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts, a part of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute, run out of Brigham Young University. They tell me more details are forthcoming.

I also found out that BYU and the Vatican Library have been collaborating together since 1999 to preserve records.

In 1999 Mar Bawai Soro, a bishop of the Assyrian Church of the East, began discussions with the Vatican Library to make their Syriac collections more accessible both to scholars as well as to the communities who produced these texts. Mar Bawai approached Brigham Young University to be a partner in the project, a proposal that was eagerly received. The scope of the first phase of the project was formulated by the parties and a contract between BYU and the Vatican Library was signed in early 2000. The manuscript photography was undertaken in two stages, one in June 2000 and another in April 2002.

Maxwell Institute: Vatican Syriac Manuscripts / About the Project

The direct link to the Vatican library’s digitized stuff can be found from this BYU website.

Here’s a project report from the Syriac Computing Institute, for those who may view mormon sources with suspicion.

I see you dodged the points that refuted your claim I was wrong.

Good choice

But you really gotta love a god who cares more about the house js lives in and who pays for it and builds it than he does about wasting hundreds of thousands of sollars on fake documents

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