This Man Is You?


Have any of you ever heard of a Spiritual program for men called “This Man Is You”? My church started offering this program for men in the parish and my husband has started to attend and seems to enjoy it. I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of it. It seems to be about men’s leadership in society as Catholics, ans os far seems to be very orthodox. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of it and what your opinions of it are. Thanks


Actually i have heard lots of good things about it. This is the 2nd year that the churches in my area have offered it. My firends who have gone throgh it say it is awesome and have helped them spiritually.



No, but it sounds wonderful. I find that women, especially us stay-at-home moms, end up being the family religious directors. As my kids have learned more about the faith, I have learned more about the faith and gotten more involved in parish activities. I have started nudging my husband to get involved in men’s groups in the parish, and “Praise the Lord” he has! Ah, the fruits of the Holy Spirit and prayer! So keep us posted on this new program.


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