This may seem superficial but I need help as my cat is going to die

Through Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted,

I had to post this on the Family life sub-forum becaus eit is really personal. We have a cat called Puxu who is going to be euthanized because we can’t let him suffer. He is very, very old, being 19 years old as of today and in the last few days, he had completely lost his appetite, won’t eat and after all these years of living with us he is going to die. We’re all really sad because this cat literally is part of the family. My parents owned him even before they were married in 1993 (he was born between1991-1992) and spent our whole lives with him.:frowning:

By the way, this is Puxu (pronounce pooh-shoo). Sorry for the photo being a bit big but I want to keep it that way.

I need help. I’m going to find it hard to face life without my Puxu. I feel guilty that maybe we haven’t done enough to show him our love. We have another cat called Tricksie (he’s a boy) and a 3 year old pitbull called Timmy (he’s quite tame though) and I felt that when these latter two arrived, we payed more attention upon them, playing with them and all that, than on the old cat. I tried making up for all of ths by giving Puxu big treats now and again, warming him under my covers in winter (sometimes, I’d give up my whole bed for him!:D) and relaxing him. What if he doesn’t realize that we all love him? We’ve payed ALOT of attention to him these past few weeks. If possible we’d prefer that he remain alive but it is necessary that we euthanize him so as to not let him suffer (by the way, euthanization of anumals is not sinful: it is the euthanization of humans that is). Life is going to be so empty without him. I’ve even prayed to the Blessed Virgin over and over again so that She may appear to him in the last two hours of his death like how She appears to Her devout children when they die, and give him a happiness which he never experienced before. It’d compensate for any lack of love which we showed towards him. Please help me guys, because I’m really sad and please pray for my cat.:sad_bye:. Bye bye Pushu, we will miss you alot! Just looking at that picture makes me cry so much!

Oh I think he knows you love him dearly. Puxu sounds like the luckiest cat in the world if you allowed him to snuggle under the covers. Most cats arent even allowed in beds so he was priveleged. Its normal to feel guilty about certain things when a pet dies, i.e. maybe I didnt do enough for them, or maybe I should’ve showed how much i loved them more often. But the fact is our pets are ever loyal and give their unconditional love so they know how much you loved them. Dont worry. Also I know it seems that life will never be the same again without your cat. When I was 15 our family dog died and she was like a little sister to me because I’d had her all my life up to that point and I thought life wasnt going to be the same without her either. And to be honest its not the same. You will miss your cat but thats natural and once you get over the sadness of his loss you will only remeber the fun and happy times you had with him and you can feel glad knowing you gave him a good life. I pray Puxu goes to peacefully to sleep when the end comes. You’re going to be alright :wink:

PS. thats a beautiful picture. He’s such a cutie. Keep that picture forever and remember him alwyas as he was.

I want to reassure you that your beloved kitty DID know that you loved him!!! You cared for him and showed him your love and he felt that and still does. Our animal friends don’t have any words like “love,” they just know how we treat them and what we do for them, and that is enough for them. I am sure you loved Puxu deeply and he knew it all the time.

Our very old cat died of kidney failure and it sounds as if your Puxu is going the same way…The vet assured me that she would not be in any pain since when the kidneys fail, certain chemicals are released into the bloodstream that act almost like anesthetics. So we just kept her at home since she had just days left. The process is that they go almost blind and stop eating and drinking which is distressing. You may not want to go through that experience but to us, it was like hospice for our cat and I wanted to keep her home and bury her in our backyard.


Hugs to you in your sorrow.

Thanks guys:). I’m sorry your pets died, You know, when I fed him he would bump his head against mine and whenever I did let him under my covers or treat him nicely he would always follow me. That picture was taken some three years ago by the way. His left ear was damged by then due toa pet dog always chewing it. I’m going to upload a video on you tube about him but, to tell the truth, I still need a bit more help because I never uploaded a video before. I’ve finished the movie on microsoft powerpoint but I still need to add the music and wish to add the Sound of Silence as background music, it fits so perfectly with him. Well, thanks everyone, I really appreciate the help and comfort and thanks especially to the Blessed Virgin. I have no doubt that She will make him happy in the last two hours of his death.

My white kitty Yoyo lived to around Puxu’s age, and looked just like him!

The picture is really touching to me too!

We had to do the same thing for her.

Not superficial at all–though they may not be human, our pets are God’s creatures and loved by Him as well! May I recommend the book Will I See My Dog In Heaven? The author is a Franciscan priest (can’t recall his name at the moment).:crying:

I am almost 50 years old and I can truly say the best friends of my life have been my dogs Bumps and Duke, so no, I don’t think it’s superficial at all. I’m sure Puxu gave you unconditional love and comfort just when you needed it, just how you needed it. As he got older, he probably enjoyed his alone time, and was happy to see that you would have someone else to love you when he was gone. Some say animals don’t have souls, but I don’t believe that. Take the time to grieve Puxu, but also take the time to celebrate his life; the way it felt when you curled up in bed together, the sound of his purring right next to your ear as you went to sleep. God bless Puxu and you, too.

I have lost loved elderly pets before, so I understand how you feel! Here is a Scripture verse that has helped me with this and other losses - "Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this, in whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind? (Job 12:9-11) I think of Jesus holding in his hands the life of every living thing, watching over your dear dying kitty, as tenderly as he sees even the fall of a sparrow (Matt. 10:29). Puxu is safe and cherished in his loving hands, and so are you - he understands your sorrow. God bless you!

I’m sorry Shin that happened to you too. Dad and grandpa are taking him now. Man I’ll miss him! Please pray that the Blessed Virgin may comfort him in his final hour!


Here, from kittenhood.


Tell Puxu how much you love him and what a wonderful cat he has been and what wonderful company he has been and that you look forward to seeing him again some day in the future.

And if you can’t be there with him in his final minutes, then say a prayer to Jesus explaining to Him how wonderful he has been.

A couple of years ago when our pet bunny of seven years died my wife found a website that proved to be wonderfully supportive. To this day she regularly chats and messages on it, helping others to cope.

Thanks everybody for all the support. He is officially dead now as my dad and grandpa have already taken him to the vet. Laufer, I don’t mean to hurt your or anyone’s feelings but I don’t believe that animals have souls. Its one of the reasons why I’m sad because we know that animals can’t go to heaven… then again, neither can they go to hell either:).

My dad took it particularly hard. The cat was sort of HIS cat as it was he who originally owned him. Well, at least now we have another cat and a dog and at least I collected a few ‘relics’ from him. Thanks everybody.

Honey you are lucky that you have other pets to hold now.

My family’s cat died at age 17, when I was 19 years old. I used to throw him around when I was little, tickle him on his stomach all those years, and not let him go when I was sick and alone home, but hold him in the bed so I wouldn’t be abandoned… here was a cat that never bit nor scrathed…

We had to have him killed too… I cried a ton of tears that day and the next, but I got over it quickly… although I always am happy when I think of him…
no hard memories… cause he was always sweet.

My dad also took it hard when the cat died… cause it was the only other male in the house.:slight_smile:

We’re all happy now though, he died in total peace. The doctor first gave him a substance that sent Puxu into a deep sleep and then gave him the lethal injection.

Without menaing to offend cat owners though, there is more to life than cats and pets. Caring for our pets is good and virtuous but it is not our last end: for me, my role in life isn’t to take care of animals, and without menaing to be a hypocrite, it is to convert people to the Catholic faith and to help them become devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary:D.

I need to set my life back in order as I became too lukewarm in the past few months in my faith and devotions. On 19th March, remember that it is the feast of Saint Joseph.

I lost my own dear feline friend of 18 years a couple of years ago. We had to put her down due to acute renal failure. I know what you are feeling. Puxu is a friend and a member of the family.

But remember that doing this for Puxu is the best thing. No more suffering. Also, our vet told us that animals do not view death as we do…it is not as sad for them…it is part of life.

I know it is hard, but I hope you will find comfort in knowing that you are loving Puxu in the best way possible by doing what is best and ending the suffering.


I have always believed that God has given us these wonderful animals to be companions and friends. I know that animals do not have souls, but I still believe what my Irish grandmother told me when I was a child, that if we needed our pets in heaven to be happy, they would be there.

Oh Im sorry to hear Puxu has gone now. But he’s at rest and it was a huge blessing he went peacefully. I’ll pray for your dad if this loss is going to hit him hard seeing as how he and Puxu were particularly close. It’ll do you good to take care of your dad and throw yourself into your faith, which you seem like you’re doing already, as it will help you mourn your beloved pet in a positive way. God Bless, sweety.

Sorry about your loss. Your other pets will probably miss him as well. God Bless.

Thats a really comforting way of thinking about it. And animals are much braver than humans most of the time so I can totally imagine them being cool with death and coping with it better than we do.

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