This Mexican Bishop Is Willing to Evangelize From Jail, If Necessary


Threatened by jail after joining a march against same-sex marriage and allowing critics of the governor meet in his cathedral, this bishop in Mexico said “if I go to prison, no problem; from there I’ll do the work of evangelization.” Local prosecutors may prosecute him for supposedly interfering in politics in violation of Mexican law.


Wow! I didn’t realize this was happening down here! :frowning:

I applaud this bishop! What courage!


I know there has been a movement here to sneak in gay marriage and such even into other events, like races. It will be on the back of these T-shirts to outrun homophobia. So, if you want to participate in the race, you need to wear this T-shirt, even if you disagree with it. They are trying to brainwash us all, but that is really something about the bishop.

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