This one really gets me: when people personally get down on Mary (Edited Title)


I was on some protestant forums just reading (I usually don’t post, at least here I dont’ have to cover everything all at once b/c between all of us we usually get it covered). Just like here most people there are relatively respectful, etc. But what really really really really makes me mad is when people personally get down on Mary. Not Marian doctrine, but Mary. It’s like in an effort to make sure others know that they don’t think she’s anyone special, they are disprespectful towards her. Regardless of what they believe about Marian doctrine, doesn’t she deserve as much of their respect as any of the apostles? Don’t they realize that they are, you know, probably really making Jesus mad? They’re making fun of His mom!!! I react more emotionally to that than anything else, can you imagine how HE feels? Do they forget that, just from a regular old human point of view, she was His mom and He loved her??


She who gave birth to the Head[Christ], must, consequently, give birth to the Body. We are His Body, and hence She is our mother.

He who does not have Mary as their mother do not have God as their Father. Its as simple as that.


Most of them probably give her atleast as much respect as they would any other human being. However, in every group there are always those fools who can’t help themselves. Still, one day they will know the truth of the matter.


Chances are even the ones who treat her in a derogatory manner are giving her the same respect they’d give any other human being :(.

One wonders how their personal interpretation of of Luke 1:48 leads them to understand it - “For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me every name under the sun”?

I know why it upsets you - it upsets me too.


Well, perhaps its time for Catholics to have a little more respect for MAry. for example, I notice that a priest in this area, during the Mass, when he comes to the phrase, Mary the Mother of God, he will substitute and say instead, Mary the Jewish peasant girl.
And further, why has the Church abandoned the month of May or month of October MArian devotions, such as the Rosary and the Litany to the Mother of God, every day in May and in October? At our Church, the priest does not ever say the rosary. If it is ever said, it is said by an elderly lady, which is not very often.


Just a reminder… your parish is not the entire Church. If your Priest isn’t showing Mary the respect owed her, you should speak with him about it instead of throwing a blanket statement out there suggesting that “the Church” isn’t showing Mary enough respect. God bless.


Jesus loves all of us.

Out of all the things revealed to us exactly what points to Jesus being sensitive to ‘your momma’ type comments??


Since when? I’ve been gone for twenty years, but I still think May is the month of Mary.
Also, perhaps your priest is trying to be ‘politcally correct’ and not offend NCs. If that is the case, you need to speak to him.


No one has to ever pray the rosary.


They are afraid of the subject quite frankly. It is rare ever to hear a sermon on the subject of Mary.
IF an evangelical EVER does preach on the subject of Mary, he feels he must distance himself from the Catholic view. Kind of like their communion services, in which they spend twenty minutes telling you this meal means nothing.


One should honor Mary as she herself wished and as she expressed it in the Magnificat. She praised God for his deeds. How then can we praise her? The true honor of Mary is the honor of God, the praise of God’s grace . . . Mary is nothing for the sake of herself, but for the sake of Christ . . . Mary does not wish that we come to her, but through her to God. (Martin Luther, Explanation of the Magnificat, 1521).

Often, evangelicals are astonished to learn that Luther and other Reformation Protestants honored and revered Mary. The disrespect some show for Mary is not Protestant tradition, but is a modern tactic to separate denominations from Catholicism.


Like someone else said - it’s not necessary to pray the rosary however, it is sad that it is not prayed more often in your parish. Rosary is said every day in our parish before Mass and has a special spot saved on Thursday Mornings :smiley: Four hours to be exact :thumbsup: You could always look into having it started in your parish too - or you could just go daily and pray it by yourself - then you could say it’s said every day in your Parish :wink:

And as for the OP - I agree with everyone - it does hurt to see disrespectful comments about Mary. :frowning:


Well, she was a Jewish peasant girl, I don’t see how that’s disrespectful. And the last I said the rosary could be said by anyone??? If the priest wants to lead it, that’s great, but how is it disrespectful that he’s not leading it? May and Ocotober are still Marian months in my parish.


I don’t as a rule participate in non-Catholic forums (this one occupies most of my free computer time) but I do visit some sites for research and info, and I have by necessity frequent contact with non-Catholic colleagues in YM and children’s RE etc., and I listen to the local Christian radio station because there is no Catholic station I can receive, and never, at any time have I ever, even in the most vehement exhortation against certain Catholic dogmatic claims involving Mary, ever heard anything disparaging said against Mary herself. Ever. So I would ask OP to provide a citation for such a claim before responding.


It’s disrespectful in two regards:

  1. It changes the liturgy. What’s next, “James and John, both good friends of Jesus” in a homily?

  2. It reduces the special status of Mary to…well…that of any other Jewish peasant girl. Can you imagine the Rosary, “Mary, Jewish peasant girl, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death”?


That is what is thought at the local Church here. That it is OK to use the phrase Mary, the Jewish peasant girl, instead of what is written in the missalL Mary the Mother of God.


Well said.


But it doesnt’ change her status, the great thing was God took a humble Jewish peasant girl and made her the mother of God, right? I mean if they were saying it mean spirited, like “she was only a Jewish peasant girl, nobody special” or something like that, I could see that being disrespectful.

And James and John weren’t good friends of Jesus?


I understand. I’m not trying to slander anybody or anything. I’ll go look on my history which forum it was. And it was more in the spirit that it was said, than exactly what was said. They were speaking of the assumption (they weren’t calling it that) and said something to the effect of “she turned to dust a loooooooong time ago” with a laughing smiley face. It was more the spirit that it was said that I objected to, not the denial of her assumption. It still bothers me when, in trying to say she’s merely human (which she is), they imply that she meant nothing more to Jesus than anyone else. If she WAS with original sin than, salvation-wise, she wouldnt’ have. But Jesus being human, she was his mom. I’m sure He would cringe at the way it was said.


For those who do disrespect Mary, I would say the reason tends to be anti-Catholic sentiments, as Frank Sheed said:*There are countless millions of Christians who will not accept anything, even Christ, from the Catholic Church.*Think of it as evidence that the Catholic Church is the true Church because it is unjustly persecuted as Scripture foretold.

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