This ‘Parking Ticket’ Is As Big As Your Car Windshield


CBS Philly:

This ‘Parking Ticket’ Is As Big As Your Car Windshield

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It doesn’t get much more conspicuous than a new parking regulation enforcement tool that uses suction cups covered in bright yellow plastic to render your car windshield useless.
It’s the idea of a Philadelphia native who says the device — despite its appearance — is designed to be friendly to law violators and enforcers alike.
The appropriate response when seeing the Barnacle is ‘what the…?’
“The Barnacle definitely gets your attention,” says Kevin Dougherty, president of Ideas That Stick.

You can spot it covering the glass from more than a block away. What you can’t see is anything from the front seat of your car.
“It attaches to the windshield using commercial-grade suction cups that provide 750 lbs of force per suction cup. There is no brute force way of getting it off,” Dougherty explains.

The Barnacle is placed by a parking enforcement officer, but it’s removable by you — once you cover the cost of the violation.
“It’s got a motorist-release feature which allows people to pay over the phone and enter a code on the Barnacle keypad,” Dougherty says. “The device then automatically releases and the person drops it off within 24 hours to a predetermined location.”

The company run by the Drexel grad and former Marine launched the Barnacle this summer.
“It has a tamper and movement alarm that goes off if somebody’s messing with the device, or if they try to move the vehicle,” Dougherty says. “And it’s also GPS-enabled.”


Here’s a video:


And if you can’t pay over the phone? My car would be sitting there, taking up space, until I could get a ride to the police station, pay the fine, and get a ride back.


Boo-hoo. You shouldn’t have run up multiple unpaid tickets :mad:


I too think it’s bad idea. It makes hard for the poor to use their vehicles if they can’t immediately pay the fine. Usually you have so many days to pay parking ticket fines or any other kind of city fine. I can see this one being challenged in court. And I can’t see it lasting very long, either since it’s discriminatory towards those who can’t pay on the spot.


Multiple? I thought the article was about getting just 1 ticket.


I think it’s a good idea for multiple offenders. Find some reasonable fine amount say 100.00 that will be used before the device is placed on the car. If you can’t afford to pay a parking meter or to follow reasonable rules regarding places you cannot park you’re probably not responsible enough to have a car anyways.



Plus, what if there’s an emergency, such as a doctor on call, fireman, or EMS person who has parked carelessly while out, but then receives a summons to a crisis situation and loses precious time getting their car drivable? And what if there’s a glitch in the system or low battery in a device, and the release doesn’t work during an emergency?

I see this is being used in Allentown, PA, near me. Two thumbs down IMO.


Ah, government: making life just a little more annoying, one meter maid at a time.




My understanding is that this is an alternative to the boot they usually put on cars for multiple outstanding tickets. And this is better for people in that case, since a simple phone call gets the “Barnacle” off your car sooner and gets the car on the road sooner. With the boot, one has to wait for a parking officer to arrive and remove the boot.

If the boot is constitutional, then this would be as well if applied in the same manner.

What if there’s an emergency and one has the boot on? It’s no different here.


I agree. I once didn’t know I was getting parking tickets because they kept blowing away in the wind. The problem was that I didn’t keep moving my car far enough away from my original curb-side spot every two hours, even though there were always plenty of spots. It was for an internship. (That’s a law that I didn’t know about. I think it has to be more than 25 feet difference.)


If it’s for multiple tickets, that I can see, but for a single, one time offense, it would be too restrictive and difficult. :tiphat: Besides, if it’s only a sheet of plastic a person could cut away enough to see to drive. Sure the attached alarm could go off, and the GPS could kick in, but there are people who could find ways around those.

An idea was tried in my state for vehicles that ran red lights. A picture was taken of the car and a ticket sent to the owner’s house. The law that enforced it was shot down in court because it was considered too invasive–the person driving the car might not have been the car owner. Sometimes such ideas aren’t thought through enough and aren’t the best in real world situations. I’d be interesting to see if this one flies. :slight_smile:


It’s more than just a piece of plastic. Watch the video. It’s a very large, bulky plastic “book”. You can’t really just cut it away. And I agree, I think this one is easier to remove than the boot, but it is also harder to hide that you did it.

I think it will fly, since the boot has been around a very long time. It’s really no different. The real issue is how do you deal with a vehicle that has no windshield, such as say a motorcycle?

As to the red light cameras, those have survived in many places across the country. I think this will survive too.


Well, it hardly matters to me since I don’t drive. I can see some difficulties with the idea that may or may not work in real life. Again, we’ll see if the idea catches on and what effect it has for deterring repeat parking ticket violations.


Ah, Philly! Notorious for illegal parking!

Anyway, it’s no different than getting a boot. This isn’t for a single parking ticket; it’s for multiple unpaid violations. Pay the fine, and it’s removed.


I wish that had been mentioned in the article. Perhaps it was in the video. But, like paying fines by phone, I can’t get youtubes either! Some of us aren’t quite into the 21st century. :wink:


Confessions of a former Meter Maid.

At one point, shortly after graduating from high school and saving up for college, I worked as a Meter Maid.

I hated the little buggy, so I walked my route. People complained that they couldn’t hear me coming in time to run outside and feed their meter, lol!

I made bets with other meter maids about the number of tickets we could do in one day (you probably expected that this happens).

I STILL hold the record for the most tickets written in a single day (these were the computer printout ones, which are much faster). 121 tickets in one small section of downtown in single 8 hour shift.

I moved away to college shortly afterwards. Probably saved my life. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree it’s a good thing you moved away LOL…I appreciate your sense of humor.


Good for you doing you bit to preserve law & order!!

This thing seems to be intended as a replacement for the boot. I used to watch a show Parking Wars and the boot crews were actually at some risk since it took awhile to install during which the owner might come out and confront them.


Just wondering if self-driving cars would do away with a lot of violations? A lot of jerks think they are entitled to park in fire lanes, bus stops, in front of fire hydrants, &c. Robo-cars could probably be taught to recognize these.

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