This Priest's homily about abuse by another Priest pretty much says it all


This homily by a Priest who was abused by a Priest is EXCELLENT and speaks VOLUMES


Dear CajunJoy,

Thanks so much for posting this! I read the article and the full text of Fr. McGuire’s homily.

I believe God is allowing Fr. McGuire to be a true “voice” for other victims of clerical abuse. Too many in the Church seem not to be taking this current crisis seriously enough. Perhaps a priest’s voice will be heard more clearly by the hierarchy and the people in the pews. I’ve known at least two women in my parish who spoke out to their pastors but were not listened to in regard to clerical abuse.

The first one left the Catholic Church and now attends the Lutheran Church because the pastor did nothing after her showing evidence of abuse of her son. The second woman likewise revealed evidence to her pastor and was really not listened to, as the pastor sided with his deacon who was deceitful.

These were two different pastors one after the other in our parish. They were not the only pastors who were complicit in scandals so this crisis has only begun to be revealed in the deep ugliness that has been going on for a long time throughout the Church. I believe God has decided now is the time to “Cleanse His Temple”. Let us continue to pray for the Clergy who are innocent and are sincerely wanting to be good priests, that they may persevere in God’s Grace for God’s Glory, and not merely for human praise.

Let us pray also for those victims who suffer still, that they may, like Fr. McGuire cooperate with God’s Grace and come through this trial with their Faith, Hope and Charity stronger after the storm, and by His Grace become wounded healers for others.

Let us pray for those guilty of abusing others that they may truly repent and be forgiven by God and by those whom they abused, and make reparation for all they have done. Let us join with the whole Church in a spirit of reparation for our own sins and the sins of the world. Let us pray as Mary taught the Children at Fatima; “O my Jesus, pardon us and save us from the fires of hell. Draw all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of God’s Mercy.”


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