This pro-life policy has saved an estimated 2 million lives


Washington D.C., Sep 30, 2016 / 03:02 am (CNA/EWTN News).- As the Hyde Amendment turns 40 years old this week, a new report claims that it may have saved two million lives from abortion since it went into effect.

“Two million lives saved is reason to celebrate,” Chuck Donovan, president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute which produced the report, stated.

“The Hyde Amendment is popular not just with pro-lifers, but with a majority of Americans – people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs who all agree that forcing taxpayers to fund abortion is wrong.”


This is the legislation–the Hyde Amendment–that the Democrats want to repeal.


Hillary Clinton Calls For Ending Hyde Amendment


Unfortunately for her, Congress will stifle her at every turn.

Her only hope is that Democrats regain the Senate and confirm her federal judges.


Would the House of Representatives, if it stays majority Republican, which it probably likely will, be able to stop the Democrats if they push for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment?


There really is no repeal. It is just entered as part of every budget. I’ll bet there are even Democrats who would prefer another spending item in exchange for spending on abortion. and yes the Republicans will have control of the House for another four years and the Senate after 2018, if not before as well.


It’s truly horrifying to me that people would think we should use taxpayer money to fund abortion.


It’s basic healthcare, and taxpayer money is used to provide other kinds of basic healthcare to poor women. Really don’t see why that’s horrifying. What’s horrifying to me is that people want the government to interfere in private healthcare decisions between doctors and patients.


What disease does abortion treat?


Do you then consider abortion “basic health care?”


The Hyde amendment already has exceptions. The abortions covered are those that are purely elective - NOT basic healthcare.


As a Catholic you find it unfortunate that HC may not prevail in her efforts?:eek::frowning:


What is unfortunate for her is fortunate for us Catholics. How’s that? :wink:

Am I supposed to take back all I said about checks and balances, too? Geesh!


This is an interesting point.

Weren’t those exceptions expanded to recognize the psychological state of the mother?


Sorry,I misunderstood.


Elective abortions are basic healthcare.


No, elective abortions are “elective procedures.” If someone wants to snuff out a kid they should do it on their own dime not that of the taxpayer.



Sixty million is still too many killed. What’s broken?


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