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I have been informed that eBay no longer allows third party feedback. Please ignore this thread.

Moderators, you may wish to delete it.



You can complain to ebay here


In order to leave feedback, you must be involved in a transaction with the party. Hope that helps and God Bless.


Darn, that’s changed. I’ve left feedback about third parties in the past.


[quote=slinky1882]In order to leave feedback, you must be involved in a transaction with the party. Hope that helps and God Bless.

That’s why I posted this:

You can complain to ebay here


[quote=buffalo]You can complain to ebay here

My experience at that link was not especially helpful:

While waiting for your chat to begin, you can start typing in your question. To help us address your questions as quickly as possible, please include your email address, eBay User ID and any other pertinent information such as item numbers, error messages, etc. (if available). We may also require your name, address and phone number for verification purposes.

Your entries will become visible to the agent once they have joined the chat. Thank you for your patience.
Your chat session has started…

Noel J.: Hello. My name is Noel and welcome to Live Chat - General Support.

Noel J.: How can I help you today?

jmjopn: I am outraged that eBay would facilitate the sale of the Holy Eucharist with the lame excuse that it is not illegal. This is an action highly offensive to Catholics and many other Christians. I urge eBay to rethink their policy about allowing such sales.

Noel J.: Unfortunately General Support - Live Chat does not have the tools or resources to assist you in this matter. However, we have a designated TRUST & SAFETY team, available through email, that can help you.

Noel J.: Would you like their contact link? It is free of charge.

jmjopn: Noel J, I don’t know if you are a real person or a web bot, but if you are live, please stick to the issue. Your last answer is not responsive.

Noel J.: I am a real human being.

Noel J.: Why do you think I am not?

jmjopn: Then please stick to the issue. Will eBay give Catholics the respect other groups get or not?

Noel J.: Like I said. I have no idea. My knowledge is restricted to General Support.

Noel J.: You’ll need to leave an email to the appropriate team to receive an answer for this.

Noel J.: To contact this designated team, please use the following link:

I’ll try the e-mail link next


Mine was.


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