"This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags." - possible to adjust?


I’m noticing a couple of times where it’s very clear that multiple threads are being locked because of the same one poster, who posts multiple times and gets all their posts flagged and then the thread is automatically locked. This may be a discourse limitation, but is there an alternate option for when one poster is causing all the flags? It’s especially irritating when a poster is spamming posts and then getting every thread they’re in locked because of the spam flags.


It doesn’t sound like the problem is with the “close topic” feature itself, but with the one particular poster.

Seems to me if a poster is being disruptive in that way, then the particular person should get flags, a suspension and/or a ban.

Once s/he is gone, then that would take care of the issue…


It is a poster problem, but the mods aren’t always on to deal with the poster. I was mostly wondering if there was a way to temporarily suspend a poster who’s getting flagged on multiple threads, or to block them from a thread until the mods sort it out. I can’t imagine the sort I’m thinking of staying around once the mods notice them - I’m thinking of cases where it’s quite obvious the poster joined with the sole intent of causing trouble.


Yeah, I just flagged about 6 posts by a poster who is obviously spamming threads.
There needs to be a more efficient way to deal with clearly “bad” posters.


I think we all did. That’s why the auto close kicked in. Suspect the person is in it for the thrill of disrupting, and then walk away. They don’t care if they are banned. Will just move on to another site, or create another ID until caught.


Person has just outright admitted on the Mary Magdalene thread that they are “trolling”.

There needs to be a quicker way to get rid of people blatantly abusing the forum.


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Yeah that’s my thought, it might be best if there was a way to temporarily suspend folk who were causing trouble. Say if someone has been a member for less than 30 days and accumulates a certain number of flags (perhaps only from users of a certain trust level), they’re automatically suspended for a few hours. That would allow the obvious trolls to be taken off the forum pretty quickly without opening it up too much to abuse.


I think that’s a good idea.


Maybe it would be better to bring this up with the moderator or webmaster.


That actually sounds like a good idea.

And following the vein of another good idea, @cawebmaster , is such a thing possible or practical?


I don’t know anything about the underpinnings of Discourse, but it seems at least potentially feasible that a large number of flags in a thread on the same poster could trigger a different automated response—i.e. preventing that particular poster from posting rather than locking down the thread.

Maybe there’s a reason I cannot think of that it would not be a good idea to do it that way, though. I see what you mean though. I have noticed that some threads could continue on perfectly fine except for one person who is stirring the pot and getting flagged. Of course, then you sometimes get 20 posters all calling out that person, so perhaps that is part of the reason why it gets locked.


That’s why I was thinking of limiting the response only to new posters being flagged by established posters. I don’t want it to be abused to try to lock down posters who are merely unpopular, but those who seem to have come onto the forum just to stir the pot. Especially since when one thread gets locked such posters often move on to the next thread.


I was liking and there’s something similar in the discourse already.

  • TL3 spam flags cast on TL0 user posts immediately hide the post
  • TL3 flags cast on TL0 user posts in sufficient diversity will auto-silence the user and hide all their posts

That’s referring to people with the Regular status flagging new users (the rank, not as in recent noiners). However, the most recent troller was able to get to basic user (tl1) so that wouldn’t have effected things.

Source: https://blog.discourse.org/2018/06/understanding-discourse-trust-levels/


It looks like the mods could manually adjust the move from new user to basic user? That might help prevent trolls.


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