This version of the Divine Office recommended?

Thinking about buying it.

I think it’s okay but have checked other resources and publishers for Divine Office or Breviary?

Laudater Jesus Christo
Instaurare omnia in Christo

I prefer the 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours edition which has a 4-week Psalter (all 150 Psalms) and a diverse collection of writings of the saints.

The Benedictine Breviary has a one-week Psalter (a small selection of the 150 Psalms) and a less diverse collection of writings of the saints because it emphasizes Benedictine writings. I should think that this would quickly become repetitive!

I find that the 4-volume edition is as flexible as I want it to be. It contains the Invitatory, Office of Readings, Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, Night Prayer, and 3 Mid-Day Prayers. The 3 mid-day prayers are mostly the same – only the reading and the closing prayer differ from one another (but of course, it all varies from day to day).

I usually leave out the 3 mid-day prayers. Also, rather than do a little more page turning as I carefully follow the annual guide, I typically just go right through it. As a result, I simply do the standard day readings and I miss the readings of the saint or feast day that the calendar would have had me read. In this way, I never really use the annual guide. If I choose, I suppose I could skip the Invitatory and the Office of Readings. In this way, I can adopt a shorter daily prayer devotion in any manner I wish. Why should I leave it in the hands of someone else to shorten the Divine Office in a manner that suits them but not me? The market seems to be filled with prayer devotions, shorter morning and evening prayer books, etc. Why not get the REAL THING (the full 4-volume edition which everyone tries to copy or improve upon, but cannot!), then shorten it yourself in some manner that suits you, if that is your wish?

Please note: I do not want to encourage you (or anyone else) to shorten the Divine Office. I am looking forward to my imminent retirement when I hope to follow the Divine Office more fully and more assiduously. In the meantime, I will continue to avoid the many shorter prayer devotional books and stick to the real thing (even if, in my weakness, I shorten it in some fashion).

P.S. I recommend the black leatherbound edition which has the look and feel of something sacred. The vinyl edition in 4 different colors has the look and feel of something comical.

4-Volume Edition:

Annual Guide:

Speaking as a confirmed Eastern Christian, the book you are talking about is, in my opinion, infinitely superior to other western versions of the office.

  1. The traditional names (Lauds, Vespers, etc) are used for the services.
  2. The Psalter use of Lauds-Compline is according to the Holy Rule of St. Benedict, with its holy associations of centuries of use.
  3. The hymns are, for the most part, the traditional office hymns and are better than in the present American Liturgy of the Hours and Christian Prayer.


It is not an officially approved version of the Office, though it is based on the use of St. John’s Abbey. If the whole is approved, it seems to me that the part (BDP) is approved, too.

our local Benedictine nuns are considering adopting it because their motherhouse is considering it. They currently use a Benedictine breviary from their order from the 70s which contains a lot of abuses, which they had to correct by hand (inclusive language re the Trinity for instance). With the Oblates we use Shorter Christian Prayer, which will probably continue, as it is already expensive enough and the new book costs much more.

I think their decision will depend on what Benedictine houses nationwide decide, and assume, like other orders that have their own “versions” of the office, it will be approved for their use. Those who are not required to say the office may use any version that has approved psalms.

I probably won’t shell out the money, although it is a beautiful volume, but it would be great to use, much more user-friendly than one-volume Christian Prayer. Our sisters like it because they are trying to use more chant, and this volume assists with it.

just curious why this thread is not on Liturgy and Sacraments where it belongs, and where there are past threads on the same topic?

There is another thread going on here too, regarding the Liturgy of the Hours. I suggest you look at it also. it discusses the many alternatives out there. The one-volume Benedictine Daily Prayer is highly rated.

I noticed this from one of the reviews:

Especially welcome are the choices of the Grail inclusive language Psalm translation and the NRSV for the remaining Scripture readings.

Is that a bad thing?

Well, sort of depends on your “outlook” (to avoid throwing labels around)

For me, personally, yes it is a bad thing. Others may like it or not care.

I think, though, that it should made known so some people are not disappointed, though.

I really am not too bothered by inclusive language, but only when it’s referring to God. Then I have a problem.

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