This Viral Meme About Bad Excuses for Skipping Mass Will Make Your Day!


The Facebook page for the book Unrepeatable by Luke Burgis posted this with the description: “A priest in Ireland got tired of listening to people explain why they don’t go to mass on Sundays. He wrote this in the bulletin.”

This is from ChurchPop at


Ha, very good!


I’ve been laughing about this every time I shower. Specifically the hypocrites part.:smile:


Can you think of more to add?

The singing in my shower is just too awful.

People haven’t been showering properly since the 1960s.


I’m basically a clean person. Who says I need soap and water?


I don’t need to actually take a shower, as long as I think about showering in my own way, that’s just as good.


I feel much closer to cleanliness when I’m out in nature than in a manmade shower.


I saw this four times already on CAF?


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