This website has changed me! Is that a good thing?


Hi there, I joined this forums after a short while observing. I have found myself changing my ways more and more and also praying to god alot more. O seem to be following him far more too with obaying god. But some how i feel somthing is wrong. My man well he is different not too religious, and he sees a change in me and and i feel like im doing somthing wrong. But how can i do wrong for doing right? Why do i feel like this? Im confused a little. I have been thinking i should quit and just go back to normal. That doesnt take way my beleif in god. Or should o try work harder to follow god? How would i make my man understand?:confused:


How on earth can praying more and obeying God more be a bad thing? Short answer - you CAN’T do wrong for doing right!

I can understand that it might be confusing - you love your husband and feel like you might be making him unhappy.

Are you sure your husband actually disapproves of the change though? Maybe he just thinks you’re different - maybe he thinks it’s a good thing?


Trish, it is wonderful that this website has changed you. Obeying God and praying to Him can only be good.

Changes like this will become obvious to anyone who lives with you, and can make them feel unsure of what is going on. The best way to handle this is continue to show love, but do not change your new ways. Let your life show how good these changes are.

Good example not trumpeted or boasted about always has a good effect.



When you start to make a change for the better, it’s very normal for experience some “growing pains”…You’re unsure, you’re seeing things differently from how you’ve been used to seeing them for years. Also I suspect your conscience is getting a little tune-up, which would explain the way you feel…it would be more abnormal if you didn’t have any “growing pains”!

As for your man…It might be he just feels a bit left out, since you’re making a change for the better and it doesn’t involve him. So maybe you could make an effort to involve him in either these forums, or in going to church or praying or talking about God, etc.

God bless!


Trish, praying more is a good thing…I too have been praying more, never missing Mass, and my husband doesn’t mind…he’s religious too…You’re man should be happy youre changing for the better…would he rather you be going out to bars and partying all the time?..Good for you that Jesus has changed you…God bless you…Don’t change, keep praying…


I can say I experience growing pains as well, as one poster described it above. I attended a renewal weekend last fall at my Parish, and although my family and I were practicing Catholics, I just felt a push to deepen my Faith. My wife was thrown back a bunch, and it took her awhile to adjust, she would say it just was such a change. We had countless discussions on how I thought it was a change for the better, which unfortunately turned into several fights. I always thought how could we fight about Faith? In the end it turned out that I think she thought I wasn’t involving her in it, that I found another love and was leaving her so to say, I can understand. Long story short, I pray for her all the time, and as my confessor once told me, offer up the grace you receive from Communion for her, and pray to St. Joesph. It is getting much better, not to say at times I will be at Mass alone, but not very often. I just keep praying, and instead of turning confrontational, just lightly remind her of Church teaching and Scripture. I love the forums as well, look forward to seeing whats new daily, and a great place to gain insight and get good advice from fellow Catholics. God bless…


Is your man a husband or boyfriend?


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