This week in the Tridentine liturgy

Sunday, January 14: The Second Sunday after Epiphany
–the last of the Epiphany manifestations; the first Sunday in green; the readings from the Epistles of Paul continue in the Breviary as they have since Christ’s coming at Christmas ended the days of prophecy; this week = a study of 2 Corinthians. The second nocturn of Matins = Chrysostom’s Preface on the Epistles; the third nocturn = Augustine on Catholic marriage (because of Cana).

15 January: Paul, the First Hermit, with commemoration of Maurus, OSB: a day dedicated to abbots.

16: Marcellus I, Pope and Martyr

17: Antony, Abbot

18: Any Mass; Prisca, Virgin and Martyr is recommended

19: Any Mass; Marius, Martha, Audifax and Abachum recommended; Canute, King and Martyr, is commemorated

20: Fabian, Pope, and Sebastian, Martyrs, through midafternoon; First Vespers of the Third Sunday after Epiphany

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