This would truly proove the meaning of the "Catholic" Church!


I’ve often wondered what would happen if aliens landed on Earth and began to develop a relationship with humans. Would we be required to evangelize them? After all, we are the Universal Church. Would they then develop their own Rite within the Catholic Church?! Just something to think about…


Okay, I’ll play.

What do you mean, develop their own Rite, If these aliens are baptized into the Catholic Church, why should they not be members of the Rite into which they are baptized?


Hmmm. Wasn’t the Novus Ordo a new rite designed to conform to different cultures? Doesn’t exactly conform to the “universal” theme but nevertheless it was allowed by Rome, even though it was never ordered by Vatican II. Catholics baptized prior to 1970 had obviously not been baptized into the new rite.

Point is, though, so what’s to stop the Vatican into developing still another rite to please the aliens?


Well if the Church truly is universal, and assuming none of the Western or Eastern Churches made “sense” culturally to the aliens, wouldn’t an adaptation be necessary? I’m not trying to get anyone riled up here, it’s just a hypothetical!


It depends. Where are the aliens from?

looking goofy


Let’s just say Mars. And let’s say they’re humanoid, that is, they are anatomically constructed like humans…did Christ still die for them? Do they have souls? Are only human beings created in the image of God?


Ask C.S. Lewis.

But you’ve got it backwards, if they are from Mars, they are not humanoid. Malacandrians are either seal-like, skinny feathered giants, or insect-like. Humanoids are from Venus.


I don’t understand ANYTHING you just said!!! :shrug: :smiley:


C.S. Lewis wrote a trilogy of science fiction stories: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength, which explore the questions of original sin and Christ’s incarnation as Man and His redemption of Earthly humanity with respect to peoples native to other planets.

In these stories, Mars, called Malacandra by its inhabitants, is inhabited by three species of people (plus a fourth extinct people) all of whom are older than humanity. These peoples are all physically very different from humans and from each other. Venus, called Perelandra by its inhabitants, is peopled by a newer race of humanity distinguished from Terrestrial humans only by their green skin (because since God became Man, it is most fitting from that time on that all newer men should take the form God took.)


It depends on if they were human or not…The bible says God died for our sins. I couldn’t find supporting evidence that would hold them to our laws. I’ll keep that in mind to ask God if I make it to heaven.


Saint Augustine wrote a comment on a similar topic. He wrote in Chapter 8 of The City of God:

What shall I say of the Cynocephali, whose dog-like head and barking proclaim them beasts rather than men? But we are not bound to believe all we hear of these monstrosities. But whoever is anywhere born a man, that is a rational, mortal animal, no matter what unusual appearance he presents in color, movement, sound, nor how peculiar he is in some power, part, or quality of his nature, no Christian can doubt that he springs from that one protoplast. We can distinguish the common human nature from that which is peculiar, and therefore wonderful.

The Cynocephali were one of the mythical races that existed beyond the known world. They were the aliens of their time period. Many scholars debated as to the nature of these beings in much the same way you are with extraterrestrials. Some scholars claimed that they were humans, but others claimed that they were animals or sub-human mutants.

Saint Augustine would argue that if they exhibit human characteristics, then they are human and should be treated as such (despite how they may look to us). The nature of their souls and the origin of their existence isn’t necessarily our concern, but would be a mystery: something known to God alone until otherwise revealed to us by Him.


Aliens are with us already, they have a human façade. George Walker Bush is one of them - he’s a reptilian humanoid. Most of these entities are in high positions of power. They are from the constellation of Draco. It is usually only possible to see their reptilian form as an entity living on the fourth dimension, or by entities (including some humans) who can perceive the wavelength they live in.

I’m being 100% serious BTW, this is true by suppressed knowledge.




I know it’s difficult to comprehend for some people, but please look into it yourself: you may be amazed by what you learn. David Icke is a good author on the subject. Just as the Earth was thought to be flat, and anyone who thought otherwise was considered mad “why don’t people fall off then, y’loon?!” People will believe I’m mad too, until they learn the evidence that what I’m saying is true. :slight_smile: M.


Hmmm…well I’d rather be acceptably weird than reject-ably insane.


Please, rather than resorting to name-calling, research this issue thoroughly yourself.


this was actually a question that I brought up purely by chance when being catechized and received in the Orthodox Church, and I found the difference between the Orthodox phronema, and Protestantism: the priest merely said, “we don’t need to worry about it until it happens. We know God we provide the answer.”


I guess that makes sense. Divine Providence would not leave us to figure it out on our own.


This, from someone who called George Walker Bush a reptilian humanoid? Pot, meet Kettle.


I’m making a statement of fact, he’s giving me an insult.

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