This would truly proove the meaning of the "Catholic" Church!


You’re giving Bush an insult. Kettle, meet Pot.


No, describing you has human, if accurate, would be factually correct. Bush is not human. He is a reptilian humanoid, his race is from Draco. Please read what David Icke has revealed.


Since when did the catholic church need to prove anything?


Wow I didn’t expect such a negative reaction to this hypothetical…it was just something I wanted to discuss…:hmmm:

And please: no more talk about reptilian humanoids from Draco.:tsktsk: If you feel it’s that important, please begin a new thread, don’t change the topic of mine, thanks.


There are no extra terrestrial aliens.


I’m thinking a few people have a wee too much time on their hands…***backing slowly away…:bigyikes: :hypno:


No kidding? Science is sure making some big strides!


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