This Years Flu?

Have you had it this year?

Do you know anyone else who had it this year?

Is this the worst flu bug in recent years?

We had two hospitals in our area not admitting any patients because they are filled to capacity. It was due to this years flu.

What flu? I haven’t had it for over 15 years. And I never get the shot either. I haven’t even caught the common cold this year.

This years flu was REALLY bad in the part of the U.S. I’m from this year. Part of the reason was the flu that was going around was one that wasn’t covered by the vaccine. Actually I know of a young woman who past away from pneumonia caused by the flu, really sad.

I had the flu a few weeks ago, and it was pretty bad. It lasted almost a whole week. I felt this years was a bit stronger than what I have previously experienced. For one, I was actually shaking in my sleep from the chills/aches.

Whole family here had it… lingers on for over a month… sore throat then diarrhea… for days and days… if you are lucky you vomit… if not, you wish you could. The body aches are terrible and the total lack of energy…devastating. No stores around here had nyquil, vitamin c, theraflu or alkaseltzer cold on their shelves… Then just when you start feeling better… it starts again… you go through it about 4 to 6 times before you have more than 1 good day in a row…

This is the first year I’ve had the flu shot in maybe seven years. It’s also the first year I’ve gotten the flu in about ten years.

But I am teaching at two elementary schools this year – that’s nearly 600 little germ factories in my classroom once or twice a week. I have had the sickest year I’ve had since my first year of teaching in 1996.

I hate being sick, especially with everything I need to get done everyday. But I’ve gotten lots of practice time trusting God for all my needs, and I’ve gotten more sleep than I’m used to. :thumbsup:

God bless y’all, and may the Lord keep all your lungs clear.


Wow, spot on what’s been going around here. It’s been all over all the schools.

When DH was in the hospital with pneumonia and sepsis from Legionnaires, all around him in the ICU rooms were middle aged men with pneumonia and sepsis brought on by flu. They were mostly salt-and-peppered in hair color, all of them intubated, all of them in hospital gowns- it was hard to tell the correct room just by the guy in the bed.

At least we did not have to don gowns and masks for our room. We did have to wash our hands A LOT, and there was a Purell machine every 25 feet.

At the place where im doing my clinical two of the wings are quarantined because all the people in them have the flu.

Yep, I had the flu shot in early November, and at around New Years, I was sick for a week.

I saw on the news something about how they had the wrong flu vaccine this year for the flu that came up and it was only about 30% effective as a result.

I just started the aches and pains this morning and took an Alieve and now the aches are gone but my head feels as if it is going to implode and my chest is heavy (but not mucousy). Ugh, I hate being sick, especially on Holy Thursday where I normally would go to a couple of churches.

Oh no :frowning: I hope you feel better and it is a SHORT flu.

I had the flu just before New Year’s 2005/2006…
Ever since then I’ve gotten the shot and been taking JuicePlus+
We don’t get sick very often anymore…

I haven’t heard too many affected by this year’s flu in our circle of friends/family… :shrug:

I got some bug almost 2 weeks ago, missed a couple of days work, went back to work, felt terrible. I’ve had this awful cough, the Dr. said I had bronchitis, took the course of antibiotics, and I still have the cough (although not as bad.)

I’ve been on vacation since last Friday and have accomplished nothing, been sleeping a lot, feel fat and lazy, but sooo tired. I was told it could take a month to get over it.:eek:

I haven’t caught the intestinal (barfy) flu in about 7 years. I did have the regular flu 2 weeks ago (cough, extreme throat pain and voice loss, sniffling nose, huge headaches, fever).

I just found out someone who lives across the street from my relatives died from the flu.

Your profile says you are from Peoria.

Interesting. I live in Chicago and was in Peoria on March 2 for an event at the Peoria Civic Center. Came down with the flu 3 days later. My business partner who was with me got it also .

Still haven’t fully recovered. Must have been that weekend in Peoria.

I was at Alexian Brothers Medical Center today (my mom is there for a surgery) and they have signs posted EVERYWHERE about this flu that’s going around and that if anyone enters with it to visit a relative that they should basically turn around and go home so as not to bring the flu to any patients. I have visited family at Alexian Brothers before and have never seen a sign pertaining to any illnesses. So, it is up here in Chicagoland too (can’t 100% blame Peoria).

I am in the Peoria diocese but I live about 2.5 hours away… but then I am 2.5 hours south of Chicago too…

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