Thom Rachford in YouTube video


Are his interpretations of certain biblical passages accurate?


I am very careful what I put before my eyes. Therefore, I am not watching it until you tell us what we are going to see. What passage? What is his interpreatation? Does his intrepretation properly comport with orthodox Catholic teaching?

Let us know, then maybe we’ll have a look.


Umm… it’s a guy. Telling the story of Luke chapter 2. Then he talks about being sent, pointing to Matthew 28, Acts 1, and Mark 16. :rolleyes:

OK – here’s my take. I don’t know which translation he was using, but it wasn’t the NAB or the RSV-CE. His exegesis of Matthew 28, Acts 1, and Mark 16 is suspect from a Catholic perspective, as he’s taking Jesus’ statements to the Apostles and applying them to all Christians (as if all Christians have been given the apostolic commission). I would argue that these passages speak to the vocation given to the Apostles – the first bishops of the Church – and not to all lay people, per se.

I also chuckled a bit when he talked about his ministry – apparently, he sends videotapes to evangelize? He mentioned that “Jesus gave us these videos”; umm… dude? No, no He didn’t: you might claim that Jesus told you to evangelize, but the whole ‘video’ thing? Yeah, that’s a human endeavor. :wink:


Mr. Rachford was in the movie A Thief in the Night and its sequels.


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