Thomas Berry and Gaia worship

Having seen some of the threads of this man. I was utterly astounded by how many people praised him. This man said we need to put away our bibles for twenty years and worship Gaia. This man flat out adored Hinduism and Buddhism. As well as being influenced by Teihard de Chardin. Ecologists will say the earth is finite and that is so but sacrificing the faith upon the altar Isis-Semiaramis-Diana or whatever. I don’t care if they say I’m a pawn of the oil industry, or blinded by outdated ideas I will not accept their flagrant geolatry and Goddess worship-oh well I was ranting but Thomas Berry supported everything God hates. I just do not see how no matter what academia says or the media or whatever how we could give credit to someone who worships trees and beetles!

After careful reading and considerable reflection, my response is: Thomas who?


Pantheism is in direct contradiction to the Catholic view of life. This document ‘Jesus Christ: The Bearer of the Water of Life’ addresses all the new age errors that lead people away from God.

All over the world, there are pockets of poor supposed Catholic examples of this pantheistic error. I haven’t heard of Thomas Berry but in my area we have a community called ‘womens space’ created by some nuns that promotes these erroneous pantheistic ideas. The Vatican has made its standard clear and people have that Vatican standard available to them to make discerned judgements about the many organisations purporting to be ‘catholic’ but have ‘left the path’ so to speak.

Please read the above document to be certain of the true Catholic stance, Rock.

Thomas Berry catholic priest passionist order. I know its hard to believe but this man actually said the christian faith might have to be put away for earth worship.

Pantheism is in direct contradiction to the Catholic view of life. This document ‘Jesus Christ: The Bearer of the Water of Life’ addresses all the new age errors that lead people away from God.…ew-age_en.html

Poor man is in need of prayer.

Hello all,

I’ve come across several religious communities and organizations heavily promoting Thomas Berry’s work of late and i thought I would come here for some theological/research assistance.

I\d like to compile some facts, citations, sources and such about “The Universe Story” and how un-Catholic it actually is. Hoping some of you may be able to point me in the right direction, perhaps someone has already written soem articles/blog posts on this specific topic?

Some references I’ve found “The Green Mountain monastery” Thomas Berry founded this:

The Universe Story featured on

Any additional information you can point me to would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and God Bless

The worship of the earth as a deity is supposedly very ancient. Wicca and the neopagan context are the most likely to practice it.

Many Wiccans and earth-worshipers believe that the nomadic patristic believers in one God (for example, let’s say the Israelites as an example) invaded the more settled, “cultured” peoples who worshiped Mother Earth (history has proved that they are typically less cultured in many instances) and forced them to adopt their monotheistic practices: thus, to many neopagans, that is “how God was popularized.” This theory was once popular among scholars; it has since been somewhat discredited.

It can be seen from Adam, Cain, Enosh, Enoch, Noah and others that faith in God has repeatedly been rolled out (and the fact that we aren’t given details doesn’t mean there weren’t any) and that other beliefs were derivative at increasing removes and increasingly vaguely, as Father Schmidt explained.

We must highly respect everything around us as did St Francis among many others.

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