Thomas P Rausch - good author?



We’re using the book ‘Who is Jesus - An Introduction to Christology’ by Thomas P Rausch in a course I’m doing at the moment. Does anyone know if the author is an orthodox Catholic?


God bless.


I took a class at a SJ university last term that was taught out of his Catholicism in the Third Millenium book, and I found the book somthing less than solid, considerably so.
I dont know about his Christology, but his Ecclesiology is all wrong.


If this is Thomas Rausch SJ - I had him in college. He is a nut case and is definitley not orthodox.


Sorry to reopen an old thread, but I'm going to be reading his book Catholicism in the Third Millenium for a class, and was wondering if it r he is orthodox or should I be suspicious when reading it.


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