Thomistic theology about uncheangable will

Hello brothers, someone can explain the problem of an irrevocable will and mind of the damned in hell, how this thing happen?

Do the damned in hell want to change, repent of their sins, and be converted to God? I don’t think so. It takes the grace of God to be converted to him and repent of our sins as the scripture says “Convert us, O Lord, to thee, and we shall be converted” (Lamentations 5:21). The time for God’s grace and help is over for the damned in hell. The damned in hell rejected God’s offer of grace and his help in this life and I think it is reasonable to assume they would never even unto eternity repent of their sins even if God offered his grace to them unto eternity. St Thomas quotes St Gregory the Great to this effect, St Gregory says commenting on Job 41:23 “He shall esteem the deep as growing old” (Moral. xxxiv): “The wicked only put an end to sinning because their life came to an end: they would indeed have wished to live for ever, that they might continue in sin for ever for they desire rather to sin than to live.” Wisdom 12: 1-12 says something of the same of the people in the promised land that God drove out for the Israelites. God gave them a chance for repentance, correcting them little by little (v. 2), however, knowing “that their way of thinking would never change” (v.10).

We rely on God for everything we are and have. The damned want to rely on themselves, determine themselves what is right and wrong, good and evil, determine their own happiness when our true happiness can only be in God. They have rejected God for their fulfillment and happiness and so God has abandoned them to themselves.


This is a great answer!

I don’t think that this is reasonable. Every rational being prefer pleasure over pain so I think it is very reasonable for a rational being to change his/her mind after experiencing the pain in Hell and then ask for God’s mercy.

In very basic terms (this is how i have come to understand it) to go to heaven one requires God’s grace. We need the grace of God to overcome sin.

At the time of death there is no asking for God’s grace anymore. When you die, the state you’re in is the state you’re in.

You are either in a state of mortal sin, or in a state of grace.

But why can’t we change after we die? I’m not entirely sure, but if your heart clings to sin until the moment of death you are in effect rejecting God for that sin forever. Thus you will never ask for God’s grace because your heart will be closed to God forever.

God doesn’t cease granting the gift of life. Rather human beings for whatever reason reject it.

In a sense, hell is locked from the inside.

Some people have a hard time imagining why a being would reject eternal happiness forever. But imagine if there was no God and we lived forever. While it is true that people can change, a lot of people, most people, would sin forever to varying degrees without the grace God.

In a sense Hell is sin going on forever.

Yes it is reasonable. but their hearts have a preference for sin, so it’s not possible for them to love God even if they desire a reprieve from their suffering.

I think that the only way to resolve the problem of sin even in Heaven is the beatific vision. This way those in Hell also can receive the beatific vision after they ask for mercy.

They are not willing to receive the beatific vision. And if God were to force it on them it would not be an act of love, and they have to be willing to love in order to receive it. Allowing them to reject God respects their freewill. Despite the potential for hell, the freedom to choose is a reflection of our dignity.

It is unreasonable to accept the pain in Hell instead of pleasure in Heaven.

It’s irrational. However heaven requires that we sacrifice ourselves for the sake of love and the greater good, and not all are willing to do so. Thus it is not unreasonable that some people end up in hell despite the fact that they do not want to suffer.

Desiring not to suffer, by itself, is an imperfect reason to serve God. We have to learn to love God (God is love, thus we must full in love with love) and to do that we must ask God in this life to transform us into the fullest image of God he intended us to be. People in hell do not have that intention in their hearts or mind. They curse God.

There is no need for sacrifice to love others. Loving others is natural. Those who don’t love others need a mental hospital instead of jail.

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