Thor and his followers come to the Northern California hills

BROWNSVILLE, Calif. (RNS) Nothing about the setting of pines, redwoods and undulating foothills of the Sierra Mountains is reminiscent of Scandinavia, Vikings or Thor.

But around one corner of a snaking two-lane road sits an old barnlike building newly decorated to invoke a Viking longhouse, with dragon-headed door hinges and a carved red “mjolnir” — the hammer of Thor — above its front doors.

Welcome to what is being called the first free-standing, public Asatru “hof” in the United States — a worship hall and meeting place for members of the Asatru Folk Assembly, a 700-strong organization of people who revive the ancient religion of the Norse gods.

I’m partial to the Hulk myself.

Lots of heavy metal fans probably.

I hear they are anti-Ice Giants.

I wonder if they read Neil Gaiman’s books as factual rather than fiction? :wink:


Only the King Odin Version.

In California? Nothing unusual there, just weirdness as usual!

That’s norse funny at all. :frowning:

A pagan pride festival was thrown near me a little while ago (A stone’s throw from Toronto). They seem like a peaceful people. I don’t understand it’s appeal, but hey, freedom to worship ought to include the freedom to worship one or more Pagan deities.

Like most attempts to resurrect age-old religions, it’s a dumbed down wimped-out version of the real thing.

I mean if they are not going to do human sacrifice as their forebears in faith did, then they can hardly be said to be genuine believers.

This is true, but I am sure they probably have applied to the government for tax exempt status!

As someone with Scandinavian roots, maybe I should convert back to my ancestral religion :wink:

Ya, for sure! :slight_smile:

My CAF username is a Viking name which means “Thor’s Wolf” :slight_smile:

My dad’s name was Tor.

Yeah, they call Thor a stand-up guy … but bring up everything Loki pulled off, and suddenly all you hear is “He’s adopted.” And just try tithing to Beta Ray Bill instead of Thor–all of a sudden, they’re not so syncretic anymore.

Ahem. You mean frost giants. :nerd:

Agreed…so who here has been taking Abraham and Jeptha as role models?

Being a follower of Thor would be fun. We could start by raiding and looting some Christian churches like the Vikings did. :wink:

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