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I am new to the forums and not sure if this is in the right area. Is it ok for Catholic's to watch movies like Thor? I wanted to watch it for pure entertainment reasons.


Why wouldn’t it be?


Well he is supposed to be a pagan god. I suppose I just didn’t know if there was a stance from the church on watching TV or movies that are immoral or have ideas that don’t correspond with the teachings of the church.


Watching a movie about a fictional character who is part of the Norse mythology is not immoral. I really don’t know where people get the idea the Church has a teaching on every little thing.

The Church certainly **does **have guidelines about things that are immoral-- things that break the 10 commandments. Those would be movies or other venues that show nudity, sex scenes, etc, which would be immodest, impure, possibly pornographic.



Original Poster - Popular Media - would probably be the better place for this topic.

On the religion side…it’s a non serious movie so have fun and go see it if you want. :cool:


I don't think the church has a teaching on every subject. It seems like Thor may fall under the 1st commandment sort of like nudity may fall under the 6th? I was just looking for thoughts from people who know more then me. Thanks for letting me know where this thread should be. Next time I will look harder for the correct place.


Unless your take it too seriously or will go out to Worship Thor you should be fine I would think. :thumbsup:


If nudity in art is okay, would it be okay in a tasteful sex scene, say between characters who are man and wife and certain areas are covered up?


This is why the Decalogue is only a starting point and the virtues, Theological and cardinal, follow the Evangelical Law and the councils of perfection which is the new law given by Christ. From the Catholic Encyclopedia:

Christ in the Gospels laid down certain rules of life and conduct which must be practiced by every one of His followers as the necessary condition for attaining to everlasting life. These precepts of the Gospel practically consist of the Decalogue, or Ten Commandments, of the Old Law, interpreted in the sense of the New.


Do we follow the minimum and make modesty a distinction between filthy and less filthy? The law on the heart where God dwells dictates an elevated perfection far from looking at people “doing it” artfully.


It is a sin to worship Thor (or any false deity), but not to watch a movie about Thor.


Here ya go - USCCB( United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)
Movie reviews!
We use the Bishops recommendations.

From the USCCB site:
The media reviewing division of Catholic News Service is responsible for assessing and classifying theatrical motion pictures, and previewing and evaluating television programming and related media content. The division also provides the Catholic public with information about the role of the entertainment media in influencing societal and personal values.

I hope it helps!

God Bless!


This movie isn't even really about the mythological Thor. It is based on the Marvel Comic Book Thor character "Thor" (who is based on the myth). He Thor is likely going to show up alongside other Marvel character like Iron Man in future movies (Avengers). The Thor part of this movie is not spiritually dangerous, no more so than a movie about Greek "gods".

It might very well have other issues such as excessive violence, sexuality or bad language. Check out Decent Films(Catholic review site, but doesn't have all movies) or Plugged In online(non catholic Christian review site, has most movies, very thorough reviews).


By paying for admission tickets to see the movie Thor, or any other Marvel Comic inspired movie, you are supporting Disney since they bought the rights to all of the Marvel Comic stories several years ago.

Disney, the misguided company that it is, supports Planned Parenthood.

Judge for yourself if you want to support the abortion industry by spending money in this way. Check out this thread:


Good point, for what its worth, Disney also owns ABC and ESPN. If one dose boycott a company whether it be Disney, Home Depot, Target, Pepsi, Taco Bell … write them a letter letting them know why. I know there is a Catholic organization that buy (minimal) stocks in companies so they can get into shareholder meetings and address these issues, with some policy changing success.


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