Those craaaaaaaazy Baptists!!

Is this what happens when you take your own interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures?

Now THAT is what the Pope was talking about!! Anyone know what I mean?

I don’t think those guys are representatvie of the Baptist “mainstream”. they are obivously a fringe group.

Please, Please I beg you, do not call these people Baptist, do not even call them Christian. I praise God for all those guys on motorcycles that help shield the grieving familys from these sick sick people. Roper is the one that does not believer the Bible. If she did she would not be a pastor.

seven decades a Baptist

For what it is worth…this is not what mainstream Baptist’s teach. This is a small group of extreme misinformed/misguided soul’s. Almost a cult. All we can do as Christian’s (All Christian’s) is pray for them.

This church is mainly made up of one family. Misusing scripture to gratify the sinful nature is a sin. Satan did this with Jesus when he tried to tempt Jesus after 40 days. Jesus used scripture to fight Him off.

They speak of God and wrath. But the Bible says:


Romans 12:19

19Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.


But they never speak of Jesus and they never preach the Gospel.

Good point Rbarcia.

God bless,

Preach it, Allis!

If I were a Baptist, I would look into getting legal rights to the use of the name “Baptist” to keep the word off churches like this.

Baptist, indeed!

It’s what they call themselves!!

Exactly. And the Baptist world should be up in arms about that.

Fred Phelps is insane…Baptists need to get a patton on the name of their Church and have people apply for the priveledge of use!

People like this make us realize how easy it is for anyone to declare themselves a church and use whatever name they want. There are groups that call themselves Catholic, too that have nothing to do with the Catholic Church. I’ve often wished the Catholic Church could patent the name, too. If it were me, and I wanted to start a new faith community, I wouldn’t steal the name of another denomination–it’s disingenuous and just plain wrong, IMHO.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing alot of Baptists. These people are CRAZY - yes. Baptist - NO.

Don’t forget, she did say they have less than 100 members and 80% are family.

Too bad the one point in the interview when Hannity tripped her up was at the end. He should have started off with asking her “what are your sins”?

By the way, Sean Hannity and Gov. Vilsack, both Catholic. :thumbsup:

These people are in the same league as Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda. IMHO


Those people’s practice is disgusting…and yet they themselves are tragic. Their minds are twisted…yet I don’t doubt that God loves them, and grieves them even as they doubt that He can love grave sinners.

I have typed up a message to send them…it’ll probably fall on deaf ears (well, blind eyes:D ), but it’s something at least. It can’t hurt to send it, so I will, but I’m gonna do it tomorrow night, so I have time to tweak it.

Some of them, no doubt, are terrified that to believe anything else or to be any less hateful of “God’s enemies” is to be disloyal to God…those, in particular, are tragic, and in need of our prayers. Their logic and misplaced piety may be disgusting, but let’s never forget that they themselves are victims, however easily or at their own fault, of Satan’s hateful influence.

Let’s pray that God brings them to realize the error of their hate…

All I can say is WOW!

The human race never ceases to amaze me.

I watched that footage with my mouth wide open.

How can this group get the Word of God so wrong?

I know they do not represent mainstream Baptists, but does anyone know why they took the name “baptist” as opposed to taking “catholic” methodist" “lutheran” etc??

Is there some attribute about the Baptist denomination that they like? Hence why they stole the name.


I agree…those people are crazy. Such a sick and twisted view of the Bible. One of my best friends is Baptist, and I know that he would be appalled at their behavior.

That’s what I want to know. Why in the world are they calling themselves Baptist??? Makes me feel sorry for all the other Baptists out there who get tagged because of these people’s antics. is apparently a site for people who have escaped this cult.

I absolutely agree!!!

throat clearing can we say the word: cult

These group is an extremist group that hates everybody except for themselves. They are not representative of the majority of Baptist churches.


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