those discerning vocations, let's hear from you!

Hey all,

Just curious to see how many of our CA friends are considering / discerning vocations to the priesthood or religious life (male or female).

Just tell us a little about your journey, what order you want to belong to, etc.

God bless!

Considering, praying and trusting. I am continuing with my education to someday be a Biochemist, but i also study philosophy just in case this call is real. I feel that it is very far beyond me and that I do not lack the intellegence but the supreme compassion needed, so i guess that is a good sign that i do not feel overconfident.If i were to have a vocation, i would either be a (orthodox) Jesuit, or in the dioces of Seattle.

I’m very unsure of what I’m called to do. Almost everyday I’m thinking of what God calls me to do. Right now I’m working towards becoming a religion teacher, but that’s a few years off at least. I also just found out that the Academy I wanted to go to, which was my entrance to university, didn’t accept me for next fall. Many people have also told me that I should consider the priesthood, and it’s been on my mind for years. Only lately has it really been on my mind though.

Anyhow, if I were to join an order, it would be the Oratorians. They just seem to be exactly what I enjoy as a person. I’m going there this summer for some extra Catechesis classes.

I’m really curious to see other people who are considering religious life. I’ve so far only been able to talk to a few. One seminarian I’ve talked to kind of scared me because his story parallels my own in so many ways. It’s like he grew up the exact same way as me.

I have a friend that is going to be ordained as a priest next year. But he is leaving Monday to rome for his vocation then he will be going to Mexico to renew his visa and then he will be back in July. Please keep him in your prayers and for him to have a safe trip back. Thanks. his name is Ernesto Lopez.:gopray2::amen:

I’m not even far enough along on my discernment to know which order I would like to join if I realize that I am called to the religious life. I do know something right now, though. I know that I am called to study theology. I don’t know if that will be just for a few years and then I will get married or join a religious order, or if I will study theology for the rest of my life, whether I joined an order or got married.
Right now, I have some indications that, if I were to become a nun, would show me that the calling had always been there. From the time I was a child, joining the religious life was something I’d always kept in mind. Also, I’m a freshman in college and have never ever dated. I probably won’t start any time soon. Whenever anyone suggests that I might be dating, it shocks me. I almost never imagine myself being married. I know a lot of girls plan their weddings when they are young, even if their plans change, but I was never really interested in that. Of course, I’m not sure yet, and these could just be an indication that I don’t have much imagination. It’s one of those things where further discernment will illumine things that have already happened and I’ll see them more clearly in retrospect.

Right now I am in the middle of my discrernment process. I have at least a year to go before I make a final dicision on whether to go into the priesthood or not. In my case it will be Diocesan in my hometown diocese in W. PA.


I’m trying to find out if I have a call. In the meantime I’m trying ot just have patients and am learning more about Catholocism and looking around at different religious communities. Once I get up enough money I might travel to some and see if I feel at home at any. Then I will wait and talk to the Priest or whoever and see what they think.

I am thinking about becoming a Nun, but for now I’m just going to be really patient about it and just keep praying. I was all excited at first and just wanted to up and leave but now I’ve calmed down a bit.

i’m praying and thinking…

If any of you saw that recent movie about St. Therese (I’m guilty of not having read “Story of a Soul” yet), I’m kind of in the same situation as St. Therese’s sister, the one who joined Carmel last, except I’m not that sure the religious life is my vocation… I certainly feel a pull, and there’s this restlessness, this… I can’t explain it, but it definitely has turned my world upside down (or, really, right side up :wink: ). It all really started when I began to attend weekday Mass about 8 months ago, and now… I’m so torn… I have no idea what I’m supposed to do… :eek:

It doesn’t help that my family wouldn’t be too supportive of a decision to up and enter a convent… They have asked that I remain close to them, and unlike with marriage, if one chooses the religious life, one is completely cut off. I would be abandoning them when their hope is that I will care for them in their later years… And I would be honoured to do so, such is my hope as well, buuuut…

Would it be selfish to leave them for my own happiness, even if it is God’s will? Would the Lord truly ask such a thing? Whose promise do you keep???

And then there is the question of whether a convent/congregation would actually take me…:whacky:

Anyway, if my dilemma gets resolved and I end up discerning that God wants me to be a nun or a sister, then I think I would like to join either a Dominican order or a Benedictine order (haha, quite the opposites :smiley: )… I’m not sure what it is that attracts me to them, though. But, after all, if the Lord decides that I should be a Carmelite or a Franciscan or something else, then He’s the Boss!

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