Those gross "pro westlers" crossing themselves

And this would go for anyone who’s famous–comedians, pro athletes, etc. . .

But I just can’t stand to see them make the Sign of the Cross before they do whatever. Some years ago, when Eddie Murphy was at the pinnacle of his career, he made a big production of making The Sign of the Cross backstage just before his profanity- and sexually-laden comedy routine.

Just last night, I saw a commercial for that disgusting UFC (Ultimate Fighter ****) and one of the “wrestlers” made a big production of the Sign of the Cross, complete with kissing his hand, before going in to beat and kick the living daylights out of his “opponent”.

This is just absurd. What are these kooks trying to prove? That they’re “religious” somehow, despite their icky lifestyles?

Just bugs the royal tar outta me. :mad: :mad: :mad:

It’s sacrilegious

Why do you think pro wrestlers are gross?

I haven’t seen much pro wrestling in recent years, but surely pro wrestling is just a big act. It’s all choreographed, and the different characters are scripted.

The bodies are real–they’re just big guys who spend a lot of time working out to build up the muscles. I think they look nice.

And several of the wrestlers convey a very positive image; e.g., John Cena.

‘Pro’ wrestling is a stage performance with a fully scripted outcome.

UFC is an actual contest. Both people stepping into the ring know the rules and risks.

I’m not a fan of either one, haven’t actually ever watched a match.

But I’m not a fan of spewing venom, don’t find it particularly Christian.

Motes and planks, you know…

I don’t know if it’s sacreligious or not, but it’s definitely used to provoke an image of that person. I know because I’ve done it plenty of times myself.

No. It dosen’t bother me at all when I see Athletes make the sign of the cross. In fact, I rather like seeing it. They make a living in a sport that can seriously injur or possibly kill their opponent or themselves. Troy Polamalu, Safety for The Pittsburgh Steelers, makes a sign of the cross & says a prayer before & after EVERY play. What bothers me are pro-choice politicians & non-politicians who love to tout their Catholic faith. Now that really burns me up. :mad:

I’m not sure what part of their lifestyles are ‘icky’? or are you referring to them fighting as being icky? UFC is not at all my taste in sporting or entertainment, but it’s not wrong for two men to fight competitively.

All of us are icky in some way, we all sin, most of us LOTS. I surely cross myself many times daily even though I’m a sinner. I guess I’m not sure what exactly you mean?:shrug:

Pro wrestlers and UFC fighters are differenrt things. Yes some wrestlers have taken on a “Christian” identity as part of their character but many have taken that path in their real life and are conflicted about the roles they are asked to play.

But along with the UFC fighter, pro football player, soldier/cop about to leave base and go on patrol they risk injury and death in their profession. Is what they do icky? Well it is for some I guess.

Ah, good point.

I don’t think these people making the sign of the cross is sacriligeous, I think it is more superstitious.

As far as athletes or entertainers doing this, I don’t really mind as long as they portray a positive image. I remember back in the 80’s, professional wrestling was nothing like it was today. There were clearly “good guys” and “bad guys” (whether they were good or bad in real life is another thing entirely). One such “good guy” was Hulk Hogan who made the sign of the cross, wore a crucifix, and encouraged the kids to “train every day, say your prayers, and eat your vitamins.” Back in the day, he was a positive role model.

They either mean it as a way to show off, as a way to show disrespect, or as a way to appear religious/spiritual/holy/blessed. Whatever the reason, it’s simply for entertainment value, and because it’s simply for entertainment value, it is sacrilegous.

The same goes for pro-wrestler managers who waltz into churches and make a big show out of mocking God. I don’t care if the church is fake or not, it is still the sin of sacrilege, because even if it is fake, it is meant to appear to be a real act of disrespect toward God and His house. (God showed the manager His Power, though, by making the stadium everyone was at go pitch-black for a few moments).

Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) was raised a Catholic.

Aside from rivalries between certain fighters in the UFC they are typically respectful of their opponents and the opponents skills. Because it’s mixed martial arts one fighters strength can be in wrestling and the other in Jiu Jitsu. It makes for an intereting fight. As others have mentioned it’s common for athletes to bless themselves before a competition. I can still see Oksana Baiul crossing herself before her programs.

I am actually of the opinion that TV coverage goes out of its way to not show a ballplayer make the sign of the cross before he goes to bat. That burns me up as I see the gesture as a possibility of evangelization.

I also admire athletes who in the glare of mass attention after a big game thank their Lord Jesus Christ for without him none of this could be possible. That takes a lot of guts and I am sure they are mocked for it by many.

This is not necessarily true… I know happen to know that at least some of the people who do this are actually practicing Catholics and do it for the same reason any of us would pray before a competition or performance. While I am sure that for some it is just show, that doesn’t mean that we need to make a blanket judgement.

The same goes for pro-wrestler managers who waltz into churches and make a big show out of mocking God. I don’t care if the church is fake or not, it is still the sin of sacrilege, because even if it is fake, it is meant to appear to be a real act of disrespect toward God and His house. (God showed the manager His Power, though, by making the stadium everyone was at go pitch-black for a few moments).

I know exactly the sketch you are referring to here, and I totally agree that it was out of line. In fact, the whole storyline of which this sketch was a part was incredibly offensive. I sincerely hope that the person who did this will never repeat such an act. :frowning:

That UFC guy is a Mexican. Mexicans are known to do the sign of the cross whenever they are about to do something especially something dangerous. Give them a break. At least, they are proud of their Catholic heritage or religion. Our Mexican workers do the same thing.

Yes! The possibility for evangelization! That is so true! I agree with all of your points.:thumbsup:

I think it’s very disturbing that you label an entire group of people (wrestlers and UFC fighters) as icky, and automatically assume that their making the sign of the cross is sacrilegious based on your viewpoints of the sport.

God forbid that some of them are members of the faith that walk daily with God! Since professional wrestling and mixed martial arts are both VERY dangerous sports, it makes sense that they’d pray and make the sign of the cross before what could possibly be the last 20 minutes of their life.

Please don’t lump everyone into the same category and cut down someone’s religious practices because YOU don’t understand it. That’s definitely not a charitable thing to do.

As a fan of WWE, and one who follows some of the wrestlers’ real lives, to many of the pro-wrestlers, their faith is important to them, and what they do on tv is just that, a job and they try to bring their faith with them sometimes. For example, Shawn Michaels (was raised Catholic, I believe and fell away due to some things that happened in his career) is now a “born-again” Christian and he is very passionate about his faith. Yes he does bring it into the ring sometimes, such as using crosses on his shirts, etc. but he doesn’t do it to be sacreligious. In fact, he is sometimes partnered with Triple H, who has said many times that they tamed down their act due to Shawn being so passionate about his faith and that that was respected in the company (WWE). Also, you have wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio who is Mexican (and Catholic) who has religious tattoos (seems to be popular among Hispanic Catholics) that he had done to remind him of his faith and that it is God that helps him be successful in his career. There are also many wrestlers who have retired from WWE but now tour as part of a Christian wrestling team.

If anyone has ever heard of “Klondike Joe”, he is now a Catholic priest. In fact, he’s my priest. :smiley:

I admit, I don’t really like wrestling as a whole, and I’m a bit put off by the physical violence, but as other psosters have pointed out, not all are doing it for sacreligious reasons.

God Bless!

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