Those here who are in the Seminary,Priesthood or a Deacon, I'd like to pray for you

I have said before that it has been “put on my heart” to especially pray Daily for ALL Priests, Consecrated Religious Brothers and Sisters, Deacons, Seminarians, our Pope, Bishops, Cardinals and all those discerning a religious vocation.

I am already specifically praying for 3 seminarians here. If there are any others that I can pray for PLEASE let me know. Also any Priests or Deacons. With Lent coming up I NEED to pray for y’all! Thank You!


Most definitely. I’d be glad to pray for you. Spend as much time with Our Lord in front of the Blessed Sacrament, as you can. God’s will be done.

I’m discerning religious life. I’d like very much for you to pray for me.
Thanks! God bless you!

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Definitely will do that.

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Thank you so much for prayers. In year four of the five year Diaconate program. :slight_smile:

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Praying for you.

@CajunJoy65, this Deacon thanks you for your prayers for vocations. At our parish, we have prayers for vocations during Lent and Advent. At each weekend Mass, one family comes forward at the end of Mass to receive a prayer Chalice and a binder. The congregation prays together using a prayer card which is in all the pews, then the family takes the Chalice and binder home. In the binder are daily prayers for vocations.

God bless

THAT IS GREAT! I know a Church not far from here that does something special for vocations with families taking the Chalice home and praying. It is just something so near and dear to my heart that I Daily pray for all of you. We need so many devout holy Consecrated Religious men and women in our Church. Thank You DoGodsBidding1 for answering His call. Every blessing and grace to you and yours.

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