Those Jesuits

Ok, let’s separate ourselves from the fact that Pope Francis is a Jesuit for a moment.

When I first began my discernment, I looked first to the Jesuits, not my diocese. The Order had such a long and venerable history. Born out of the practices of Ignatius Loyola during the Counter-Reformation, Jesuits were known for high intellect and religious orthodoxy.

Upon further investigation, I learned what became of the Jesuits. In the current day, not to discount those Jesuits maintain the above values, the vast majority of the members in the Society of Jesus are so progressive about everything, they barely resemble the Society of Jesus that was present only a 100 years ago.

For example, I attend a Jesuit University. Recently, across the campus ministry bulletin boards, a particular Jesuit priest in the area was being advertised as offering paths to spiritual enlightenment through the practice of Zen Buddhism. This particular Jesuit was known not only as Fr. “X”, but also as “Roshi” which is the title for a highly advanced Buddhist practitioner. In case you think this is some crazy conspiracy thing, this is the link to his some of his information:

My question is how did this happen?? I would love to have joined the Jesuits of 50-100 years ago. I would never consider entering the Jesuits now.

Only a junior in high school, so I cannot give you an adequate history of when the order started “liberalizing,” if you will. But I see the same trend that you are talking about. The order has drastically changed. Their charism is still based upon the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. On their website it states, " A number of attempts have been made in recent years to gather up certain principles that shine through the writings of St. Ignatius and are envisaged as permanent features of the Society he founded."

Despite the charism, most are very liberal. Not trying to point fingers/make judgements, but a notable Jesuit, Fr. James Martin, posted a somewhat of a dissident article on his Facebook recently. It had to deal with a justification of homosexuality in the Bible based on bad original translations (tried to make a case about how the sexual acts were older men with younger boys and not explicitly ruling out homosexuality, if I interpreted it correctly).

I think the best thing we can do is pray for them. I think they are good men who are passionate about the Gospel. However, it seems they have their own unique way of doing things.


A charitable way to put it.

A reminder from the sticky at the top of this forum:

I would like to remind posters in this forum about asking for “orthodox” orders and on commenting on the “orthodoxy” of orders.

Any religious institute that is in communion with the Church is orthodox.

While there may be members who might hold to some unorthodox positions if the order is in communion with the Church then it is orthodox.

God bless-


I noticed that you are a seminarian for the Archdiocese of NY. I’m assuming that you have nothing to hide. Would you mind very much if Cardinal Dolan knew who you are and read what you have to say about a religious order that serves his archdiocese?

The Cardinal may be interested in your post, considering that someday, if you’re ordained, you’ll have to work alongside these men in the same archdiocese. He would want to make sure that you approve of the religious that the Archdiocese has invited to serve there.

Or would he be slightly bent out of shape to know that one of his men is smearing a religious order on the Internet of all places, where we know that whatever is said will eventually be “edited and improved upon”?

But if you have nothing to hide from the Cardinal, you and I can arrange to have him read this.

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