Those Not Yet Confimed: What Religion Do You Say You Are?

Do you see yourself as Protestants, Catholics or in an in between state?

If someone asks you what your religion is what do you say? Do you keep it simple by saying “Christian?”

Tonight I was at dinner and the waiter was suggesting meat dishes to me and my friend said, “She can’t eat meat today. She’s Catholic.”

In my head, I was thinking, well not exactly, but I felt weird.

I know I identify more with Catholic than Protestant these days, although it might be hard to tell by my posts. :slight_smile:

Does anyone else have this dilemma?

Am I wrong in assuming you can’t call yourself Catholic until you’ve been confirmed?

Looking forward to your ideas.

Once I made the decision that I was for sure going to be Catholic, I would have said something along the lines of I was becoming Catholic. I didn’t consider myself Catholic until I was officially received into the Church. But I didn’t consider myself Methodist either since I knew I was going to be Catholic. :shrug:

I don’t think in a situation like yours I would have corrected anyone though, it just wasn’t important enough.

I say I am Catholic or that I’m converting to Catholicism if asked. I figure it’s close enough to Easter vigil now, and I know I’m not turning back! Waiting with humility and great desire to take part in the Eucharist and receive the real, glorified body of Christ!

I am not yet Catholic, but practice as one, so I call myself Catholic. :yyeess:

I was baptized Catholic…but not confirmed.

That will happen this Easter Vigil…

By virtue of my baptism I identify myself as Catholic.

Although it has been sometime since I was baptized and received into the Church, during the conversion process I referred to myself as a Catholic catechumen.

Well, technically I think you’re not Catholic until you’re Confirmed (if you’re a convert from another Christian tradition; if you were baptized Catholic but left before Confirmation then you’re Catholic).

What is the proper title? I believe you are a Candidate to enter the Catholic Church. Not yet Catholic, but no longer Protestant. If you are coming from a non-Christian background then you’d be a Catechumen.

On the plus side, Easter is soon so you won’t have this problem for much longer. :wink:

I was baptized Catholic. Did not get confirmed. Bad decision on my part but hindsight being hindsight, this is something I hope to solve soon. Until I returned back to the church two months ago, I’d say I was baptized Catholic but that I’d stopped going to church. Now that I have returned and have all intentions of staying, I would now say that I am Catholic were I asked.

I say I’m a Christian, and want to join the Catholic Church (I haven’t started RCIA yet).

if you had been baptized as Catholic then you are a Catholic even though you had not received confirmation yet… AMEN…AMEN…AMEN…


If anyone asks I usually respond with “Short answer, yes” or “almost :)” This typically gets one of two responses. If they aren’t really interested they let it alone. Though most people are intrigued by my answer and then I will explain that I am going to be received into the Church this Easter.

the time to stop calling yourself by the designation of your former denomination is when you no longer believe they hold and teach the fullness of truth, and now believe only the Catholic Church does. Even though the timing and logistics of your reception into full communion with her may appear to be holding you back she is a wise mother and knows when you are ready. You owe no explanations to anyone else and only to your family on a need-to-know basis.

In the time between my decision to become Catholic and my reception into the Church, I generally described myself as “becoming Catholic.” I certainly wasn’t a Methodist anymore, and I wasn’t a Catechumen because I had been previously baptized. Most people don’t know what “candidate” means in that context.

If the context of the question “what’s your religion” was along the lines of a checkbox or fill in the blank, I chose simply Catholic.

Ooh. I like that one.

“In Between.” :slight_smile: If they ask for further clarification, I can say something like “somewhere between agnosticism and traditional Christianity”

Exactly. But just to stir the pot, I like to identify myself as a “Pre-denominational Christian-- a member of the Church established by Christ before everyone started messing with it.”


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