Those who do not know Jesus will not be guilty of sin? Jn 15:22

Found the verse I was looking for. Jn 15:22 “They would not be guilty if I had not come and spoken to them. But now they have no excuse for their sin.”

I interprit this as people who do not know they are sining against God will not be guilty of that particular sin.

What is your take on it?

Also I have a protestant question that goes with this verse.

If you are saved what excuse do you have for comiting sin? Here the verse says you are not guilty of sin if you do not know Jesus. But if you now Jesus and sin you are guilty.

I thought if you are saved you are not GUILTY of sin? But in this verse if you sin you ARE GUILTY

got me thinking :hmmm:

what are your thoughts?

Living people are not “saved” – “Saved” is by definition past tense. In life, we are in a constant state of conversion. Even the saints (admittedly the most “saved” people ever) were continually struggling against their human weaknesses. Once we die, then we face judgment… and maybe then can be saved (i.e., justified).

Whether or not one knows God and Christ, if he commits evil, he is guilty of sin. What changes is that the Christian is better aware of his trespasses – and while this might amount to being “doubly guilty” (of which, I believe, St. John speaks), it also affords him access to the sacraments of penance/reconciliation and communion, which heal his spiritual injury and fortify him for the road ahead. (The pagan does not have access to these sacraments, and therefore these “reparative” graces are harder to come by.)

Furthermore, the sacrament of penance only removes the temporal guilt associated with a sin – not our literary “guilt” (i.e., responsibility) for having commited them.

salvation has three tenses, past, present and fulture.

Romans 5:13
(For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law.

Jesus like the Law made them aware of their sin, thus removing any excuse.

Romans tells us that the law is written on all mankinds hearts and we really are without excuse.

Everybody has his own conscience. He knows most of the times that he is wrong for doing something. That is enough to be found guilty of sins.

Men are not any animals.

Whoops! I meant literal, not literary!

ha ha ha…

They would not be guilty of the sin: of not believing He was the Messiah, if he didn’t (before their very eyes) give such clear lessons, do so many miracles, and fulfill so many prophecies.


Ryan :slight_smile:

Does this verse show as im interpriting it that even if you are saved you are still guilty of your sin?

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