Those who touched him were healed



It is written (Matthew 14:36), and begged him that only they might touch the fringe of the garment of him and as many as touched were healed.

If 2000 years have passed, and people with faith who merely touched Jesus were cured of their illnesses, why does not touching the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ under the appearance of bread, and not only this but also consuming it, why doesn’t this cause a bodily healing for those who are sick?

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only if god wills it

I know this can be hard to believe, but often times a person having good physical health is not in their best interest.

also Jesus didn’t heal everyone he ever met and sometimes he didn’t do it right away either. and sometims it is a metaphor for a more deep spiritual healing, that’s what he is most concerned about. our physical bodies will die eventually anyways

that’s not to say that divine healing is a thing of the past, it isn’t. but it depends on the situation.

and there are several passages in the bible that indicate this. namely, Jesus asking us to visit the sick as a corporal work of mercy. he didn’t say, that Poof! everyone would be healed and there would be no sick people


He said many times to the sick and the lame, “It is your faith that healed you.”


If the Eucharist always bestowed physically healing (or for that matter, euphoric experiences or other sensible delights), most people would approach the Sacrament for the wrong reasons. People wouldn’t just approach, they would take it and probably store it up. In the first century Christ was revealing himself; today we know who he is, and ought to receive and love him for his own sake.


This makes sense…:yup:


Healing, yes. He is the Divine Physician. Yet, at the end of His ministry, what did He both teach and submit to?

Suffering unto death. By our baptism, we are members of His Body. Saint Paul writes that we will suffer, but that is our path to His resurrection. Jesus taught us how to suffer, as well as the eternal value of suffering. In fact, the more we suffer, the more Christ-like we become. Counter-intuitive, I know, but He is a revolutionary who changed the rules.

Still, healing occurs according to God’s will. Bear in mind that healing leads also to additional suffering - our personal Via Dolorosa which leads to our share in His resurrection.


I think the scenario is different then and now. He was showing the power and glory of God to a skeptical population who are not receptive/clueless to the idea of a Trinitarian God. That population haven’t witnessed a risen Christ yet. He is to them a miracle worker, teacher, wise man etc but not many has clued up that he is God.

Nevertheless, there were many that touched Jesus, intentionally or unintentionally, did not get any benefit. Those that slapped him, hit him or even jostled in a market/group setting. Most of his healing actions are intended by him, either via touch, spittle or voice. I suspect the woman who touched his garment as well as the ones in Mat 14:36 were to demonstrate the power/sincerity of their faith or for ease of administrating his healing powers. All his healing actions are intended and targeted to the recipients. There are no unintended healings i.e. accidental healings. However, there could be those who despite touching his garment may not have gotten healed. Mat 14:36 said many got healed but silent on whether did all got healed. Perhaps there are those that didn’t get healed are those that did not intent to give up the bad habits that got them sick in the first place. Who knows?

Today, it is different. We know he is God but many others still reject the possibility that God exist. Our faith requires faith pun intended. Blessed are those who believe that have not seen. If miracles of healing are a default outcome for those who touched the Body of Christ, the freewill to accept or reject Him will be rendered moot. Unbelievers will be forced by the evidence present before them to believe in a God that they rather not choose to. How can I reject you when you leave me no doubt/room to deny you? And as I posted elsewhere, proper operation of natural laws are a necessity of his creation. Frequent suspension of such natural laws will not lead to a greater good and will lead to insanity. Having said all that, there are still miracles of the Eucharist being reported.


If you believe God heals you, when you touch Jesus, the Saints or something that touched them, you will be healed.

Acts 19:11 “God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that when the handkerchiefs or aprons that had touched his skin were brought to the sick, their diseases left them, and the evil spirits came out of them”

1 John 1:1 “We declare to you what was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands”


This was something I hadn’t really thought of before…! Sobering!
I often wonder what Lazarus had to suffer after the Lord brought him out of that tomb???


Tell that to someone who is sick and believes. It’s funny to think that Paul’s skin through a handkerchief would heal someone by having it brought to them (not going to receive a touch but its being brought to them), but not the Body and Soul of the Divinity if God doesn’t will it when they themselves go to receive it through the functioning of the Mass.

I suppose it is what it is.


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