Thought Experiment: Catholic / Christian Schools


Okay, the title establishes that his is a thought experiment. Still, I feel the need to establish a few rules here. This thread is in no way authorized by some ecclesiastic authority. I am a regular guy, my Bishop has not given me authorization to seek this information, and I have no current aspiration of getting involved with parochial schools. I just want the discussion to exist. So in our imaginary thread, these are the ______s which you have to work with.

  1. You’re Bishop has approached you, given you the authority (his blessing) to make these changes.
  2. You have all available resources available to you. You must be prudent in your made up budget.
  3. You cannot use any advertising outside of those already in place inside your diocese (think bulletins, websites, social media, etc.)
  4. You will be graded on academics, enrollment, orthodoxy, and finally ascetics.

You are to hash out your plan to establish the best parochial high school in your area. You will need to deal with enrollment costs and statistics, career details (benefits, payroll, incentives), curricula, building up community support, who will be allowed in, extra curricular activities, graduation rates, and any other pertinent details you may feel.



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