Thought experiment. What if it was one day proven 200% there’s no God?


How would Catholics react, and how would the Church react?

I can tell you if the reverse happened, I’d become a believer.


It is a non-starter because it is impossible (not improbable) to prove there is no God so such a discussion is a complete waste of time.


That’s why it’s a thought experiment


I guess, then, that as a thought experiment, we would have to come up with a plausible scenario that such a thing might happen… no?

(Not merely ‘describable’, not only possible, but plausible.)


No. You can make a thought experiment of a question like “what would you do if you were omnipotent”?


OK. I guess I’d reply, then, that there’s not really a need for a thought experiment, since we have historical accounts in which someone’s assertion of a deity was shown to be false (through unfulfilled prophecy, etc, etc).

Just investigate them and know what might happen. :+1:

Here’s my thought experiment in return: how might we think that it would come about that the existence of God might be completely disproven? :thinking:


People would adapt. Some would find it more difficult than others. Some would deny the evidence. Life would go on.

What else can really be said?


I don’t think you could


Me neither.

So, it’s a “what would you do if false were true?” kind of thought experiment?


Aren’t thought experiments supposed to involve, well, 'thoughts"? Rational thoughts?

I mean, let’s have an experiment where the color red is really aliens. They form themselves into what LOOKS like the color red and make patterns because one day they are going to eat us all.

What should we do?


What if it was 200% proven that nine plus ten equals four? What would you do?


What is a “200%” proof?


A figure of speech


But it’s like saying what if there’s a square triangle?

It’s meaningless to talk about.


And what, for you constitutes “proof?”


Then feel free to not talk about it


There’s no way to disprove God. I wouldn’t believe it even if the Pope proclaimed it. Even if magically God didn’t exist, I’d still be a practicing Catholic.

I’ve heard people say, “Well if there was proof I’d believe!” Yeah right! For some, No Proof Will Be Sufficient.


Come on, you know the answer to that as well as I do. If I told you there’s a dragon in my garage, what would you consider proof that I was lying?


Here’s St Paul’s answer

What IF … then


Sufficient proof would be sufficient for me. I believe in natural evolution because the mechanism has been observed and explained. Same here

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