Thought experiment. What if it was one day proven 200% there’s no God?


All atheists I know have a sense of morality. It may not match yours, and thankfully it does not (said jokingly) but they are not perpetual pleasure-only seeking beings; although they do enjoy pleasure, but also do people of faith. I just think you would be surprised to realize that for many people, belief in God is not their only reason to live with morality.


If God didn’t exist then there is no reason for life. No concept of good or evil, all would be permissible. It would be horrible if there wasn’t a God. Our life would have no meaning. At least no true meaning. People try and find a meaning but it would be all for nothing. Virtue wouldn’t exist morality would be seen as not necessary because morality needs an authority. We would be living and dying and that’s it. That would be life, without God we would be the product of chance.


Would “All that has been revealed” be what you meant by God revealing absolute morality; or would it not?


A fraud from 1640 Spain? No sir, not enough. I’m from Spain, I can vouch for the “picaresca española”, Spaniards are experts in ingenious trickery to get by, just the other day I heard of a guy who didn’t show up at work for 15 years, he managed to skip it by faking sickness and his legal right to holidays contributed as well. It’s in our DNA to be “pícaros”.


It seems to me that your assertion of ‘all atheists" (later qualified to ‘all I know’ but still later implied to be ‘all’, known or not) having not simply a sense of morality (exactly what the sense is, how it differs from Christian or theist or agnostic or whatever, not being stated), but not living ‘perpetual pleasure driven lives’ is as much ‘wrong’ as a statement that all atheists DO live perpetual pleasure driven lives.’

Trying to disprove the claim that ‘all do X’ on the basis that all do not-X" is just as much of a blanket generalization.


Excuse me, I have absolutely zero reason to believe in a God, much less the theistic monotheist God


Do you have reason to believe in anything ‘abstract’ at all? How about ‘mother love’ (I’m sure you know cases where mothers have not loved their offspring at all. If you were a victim, would the fact that many others did experience mother love be sufficient for you to believe in it?)


The fact that I know there are no dragons.


Your remark about Aristotle evidences your deficient understanding of Catholic theology. I’ll leave it at that, with a hint:

‘I’m the greatest Christian theologian, my work is foundational to Catholic philosophy and theology, and I owe a great debt to the work of Aristotle. Who am I?’


Then why are you here on CAF?


Mother love is explained by evolution


We as in people in general. Whether or not you have examined them with an open mind is anpther story.


Sure, but your original statement in which I replied to, appeared to be emotionally driven and spoke about extreme behavior in which you would “indulge in every pleasure I could, whether legal or illegal” and “do whatever I could get away with.” I mentioned that most all atheists (which I equate to over 50%) do not live life in that manner. Therefore, I will stick to my original statement.


Oh come on. I don’t think you’re being fair st all. Why can you conclude there’s no dragons but not that there’s no God?

If I said Jesus was sent by dragons instead of God, who could prove me wrong?


If God does not exist, there is no such thing as “bad things”. There are no moral judgements possible, only judgements based on power and/or instinct. There are no “oughts”, just pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain.


None other than the great Saint Thomas Aquinas!!


Is it really? Then do the many women who do not love ‘de-evolve?’


Which is often taken as proof of God’s existence, the Moral Argument. Anyway, the question is not, how do atheists live, but rather why should any person on earth not regard the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of pain as their highest goals? And nor moral arguments allowed, because morality does not apply to chemistry or physics.


You can’t apply a theological position to this hypothetical version of yourself who doesn’t believe in a God. Since people who don’t believe in God hold a range of beliefs but most wouldn’t agree that there can’t be ‘bad things’ without a God, you’re objectively incorrect on that.


Sure, Christian theology Xeroxed their philosophy from a Greek philosopher (instead of from God) from a few hundreds of years prior. Now we finally agree on something!

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