Thought Police Patrol Convention’s Radio Row

Not at all surprising.

The longer this election campaigning goes on, the more and more the democratic party is forced to show its true colors. I struggle to understand how catholics still say they’ll vote for obama. They might as well do something to excommunicate themselves first, that way their actions don’t mislead young Catholics who might get confused why one would claim to be Catholic yet support anti Catholic beliefs.

I wouldn’t subject myself to an ambush by a biased talk radio host if I was a candidate. Do you think hosts like Rush Limbaugh would give a democrat a fair interview?

Rush Limbaugh aside… do you support public servants who only deal with those that agree and support their agendas? If so, will you be as fair-minded if conservatives take the White House and both the Senate and House and then refuse to deal with liberals who have differing points of view? IMHO public servants need to answer questions from ALL positions and not just favor specific ideologies. If they can’t do that, they don’t need to be in office representing ALL Americans.

Amen to that, baby!!! Mega :thumbsup:

“Leftists think that utopia can be coerced into existence – so no dishonesty is beyond them in pursuit of that ‘noble’ goal.” – Dr. Jon Jay Ray

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