Thought you guys might be able to give me a push...

Hi there-

I have been browsing these forums occasionally for a while, but have not really posted before. I am a baptized Protestant who has recently had a few discussions about the Catholic Church with close friends and read some material on the Church as well.

I know that there are converts to the Catholic religion, even some from Protestant denominations on this board, and I was wondering if anyone is willing to post their conversion story? I feel like I hit walls and run into the same questions when I explore Catholicism.

Thanks so much!

I would say pick up Surprised by Truth, Rome Sweet Home, Born Fundamentalist, Born-Again Catholic to give you some answers to your questions. SBT gives some wonderful scriptural and Catch ism references for certain beliefs.

Good luck on your way home!

If you have access to EWTN via cable, dish, etc., you can catch a live show Journey Home every Tuesday at 4pm ET. It’s about conversion of people who came home to the Church or…

go to and access the multimedia, Live TV-English…

It would help a great deal if you have fast connection. :slight_smile:

I was a fundamentalist, non-denominational, with a short stint in a pentecostal denomination back in the mid-70s. I was a “dabbler,” hard to stay put in any one thing. The non-denom group I was part of in the mid-80s fell apart over stupid disagreements over baptism and one or two other issues I can’t recall just now. That started me wondering why the Protestants are so prone to splitting up, and then, why there are so many doctrinal variations in Protestantism. I started reading. I had a few friends who were Catholic, but no one was really available to me on the friendship level to disciple me, so I was pretty much a loner.

One day after several months of reading and thinking and praying, I picked up the phone and called the nearest priest. Soon after I started in on his program (they didn’t have RCIA there) and about six months later was rec’d into the Catholic Church. The rockiest part of my journey was after that, though, but way too long a story to go into here. Just let me say that the decision to go Catholic was without question the very best decision I ever made, better in fact than I am capable of making on my own, so I accept that Jesus wanted me here for reasons of his own, which I haven’t figured out yet. The tug on me was very strong, and as I say, I wasn’t being discipled by anyone… in fact my fundamentalist friends were pulling in the opposite direction.

I am so grateful to God that I was able to find my way to the fullness of Christian faith. All my “dabbling” came to an end, because I found what I was looking for.

May God bless you on your journey.

Hello Excalibur and welcome to CAF!
I am glad you have decided to post.

Here is the very recent thread on converting to Catholic:

and here is the Coming Home Network website with conversion stories:

God bless!

Correction: live show every Monday

1am ET Tuesday
1pm ET Wednesday
11pm ET Saturday
The purpose of The Coming Home Network International (CHNetwork) is to provide fellowship, encouragement and support for Protestant pastors and laymen who are somewhere along the journey or have already converted to the Catholic Church. The CHNetwork is committed to assisting and standing beside all inquirers, serving as a friend and an advocate.

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Hi! I’m not a convert (I was born into the faith and grew into it from there), but I have several close protestant friends struggling with issues about catholicism.

What walls are you running in to? Are they issues with Mary and the Saints, or more along the lines of the Eucharist?

It is always hard to let go of the old, of traditions that were ingrained in you since childhood, to try and understand a different faith. It is something I still constantly struggle with myself. But I think keeping your heart open, and prayer to the holy spirit for guidance helps.

Take some time and explore a Catholic church between Mass times, and talk with a priest, honestly and openly.

Feel free to e-mail me if you want to talk further - I would love to help you.

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