Thoughts about clean laundry


After some years of having cheaper overseas made washing machines,I got fed up and bought a reconditioned workhorse,made in America :slight_smile: Going strong.
One good thing about living in a dry hot climate at times is the knowledge that when I hang washing ,mats ,pillows ,place mattresses in the hot sun dust mite (found in most,every household ) die.


Household hot water is generally 60°C (140°F). Our dishwasher’s hottest cycle is 70°C (158°F). So yeah, the machine gets closer to sterilization than hand washing. I don’t worry about such things, though. The dishes are clean at either temperature.

I’ll bet that’s a relief…:relieved:


American-made washers are generally hard to kill. My parents have had theirs for almost thirty years. In contrast, our current machine is the second we’ve bought in fourteen years. It’s generally accepted that washing machines in France need to be replaced every 7-8 years or so. They can be repaired, but that often costs as much or more than a replacement machine.


I saw some matching covers for washers & dryers in this catalog. There were ruffles at the bottom. Maybe I should make matching ensembles.


These past few days we’ve been leaving clothes in the dryer, unfolded. This is getting serious.


I remember washer covers. Sometimes the washer would need to go in a kitchen or a conspicuous spot. It would be covered with a special cover, usually floral.


See how fancy!


Oh dear. That’s not a good trend.


Oh, thanks for posting. I have never seen
washer and dryer covers before!
It might prevent me from wanting to do laundry though knowing I had to remove them and replace them after each use.
They are very attractive.


I know we had one when I was little. We lived in an apartment, and the washer was in the kitchen. My mom made ours. It was a rose colored fabric with a white floral pattern.


They look so serene sitting there together.


So, is it dangerous to wash rugs in the washer? Must rugs be dry cleaned? Can people be dry cleaned?


Not sure ,but I have a lovely woollen mat I bought in Kashmir that could do with a clean…ill take it to a specific shop that offers that service :slight_smile:


Most rugs can be washed in the washer if they are smaller. You would have to make sure the load is balanced though or it could get noisy and your washer might start walking and could stop mid cycle which is never pleasant.


Say, what about dryer lint?

I’m always worried the dryer is going to catch on fire. I worry about all the extra dog hair. I think if I saved all the dryer lint over a period of years I could stuff the inside of a parka with it.


I worry about dryer lint too because it doesn’t all get captured in the lint screen or
lint trap.


Dryer lint is annoying and scary. I had my dryer duct serviced about a year ago, they suctioned out a great deal of lint.

I think dryers should have a little port that you could attach a vacuum to to suction out the lint.


They do sell flexible attachments to vacuum out your dryer. I have a long flexible brush that I use, and I also take the vent hose off every once in a while and clean things out as far as I can reach. I recently replaced the part that goes to the outside of the house and there was an amazing amount of lint caught up in there! I hope to not wait so long to do that again.


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