Thoughts about confession I hope you can help me with

In many moments where I let myself wander in thought a bit about a person going into the catholic faith as a non believer, one thing always keeps popping up.
Don’t laugh or minimize this please.
I keep having thoughts that a priest would **laugh at me **after hearing my confession if I ever did make a first confession.
I don’t want this thread to turn into anecdotal experineces galore.
No personal experiences are asked, or wanted here.
I just want to, no- have to know. Is a priest allowed to laugh after hearing a confession in front of the penitent?

Is he ***“allowed” ***per se, probably not, and any priest who would laugh mockingly :(at a someone in the confessional, IMHO, should seriously reconsider his vocation.

It is my expereince, that the priest would take his cue from you.

Humor can help to put one at ease, and that is one of the most important things about going to confession, feeling at ease enough to be completly honest and open about one’s sinfulness.

Going to to confession makes one vulnerable, and no one want to be laughed at. Yours is not an unreasonable fear.
Rest assured, dear one, you will not say anything that the priest has not heard before! :wink:

Peace be with you on your journey! :signofcross:

Confession/Reconciliation is a holy Sacrament.
It is to be solomn and respected.

The Sacrament of Confession is sacred. I highly doubt the priest would ever laugh, even at some of the worst things.

The only time I even got a chuckle during confession, it was with a priest I know very well, and he knew I wouldn’t mind, as I had confessed a somewhat funny thing. (Not being careful not to wack my brother’s head with a tree :blush: [yep. I did it]).

That was the only time, and the priest knew I wouldn’t mind (I was kinda chuckling just saying it.)

Don’t worry. The sacrament of confession is an AWESOME sacrament, with more graces than you imagine.

My advice to you is: Confess often, confess well. Weekly confession is awesome, if you can do it.

No, a priest is not allowed to mock the penitent. Heaven forbid.

First confession or confession made after a long absense from the Church are always moments of great grace. Priests know they are dealing with special situation. This is where mercy, love and kindness must be applied. Now I have made several Priest’s chuckle audibly when I said I threatened to break someone’s knee caps for “untoward” actions to my niece. It was completely out of my character.

This would be something like a doctor laughing at you when you describe to him the pain that you are in.

NO! He wouldn’t. Like somebody else said, they’ve heard everything.

Especially knowing it was your first confession, he’s be ready to hear it all, and very aware of how important a moment this would be in your life.

There are no rules about laughing, as far as I know. There don’t have to be. Priests take this sacrament seriously. Their only reason for being there is to extend the forgiveness of Christ to the penitent. And as has already been mentioned, they are quite sensitive to first confessions.

Unless this the first time the priest is hearing a confession, he has HEARD IT ALL. There is nothing you can say that will amuse, anger or disgust him. He is there to offer you absolution for your sins. One’s first confession is usually set up in advance, with the priest fully aware that this is your first confession and you are fully prepared in what to expect. Plenty of Catholicss expirence high anxiety every time they go to Confession, but the results are well worth it!

I don’t think there are rules applying specifically to laughter in the confessional, but I have never had a priest laugh at my sinfulness. It’s not a laughing matter. I have, however, heard a chuckle here and there about the way I phrased something, and I have seen the use of humor in the confessional. Confession can be very anxiety producing, and sometimes humor can help alleviate some of that anxiety.

its good u think he’l laugh.i always have this terrifying thought that midway through my confession he’l turn and give me this look of disgust and condemn me straight away.:o

That is just as grim a thought. :frowning:

To be clear, I am not picturing the priest laughing “with me” but, at me.

I hope no one ever does that to you nguemo. That would be wrong IMWV

Strawberry Jam, any priest who would laugh at you in Confession is not a good priest and you would have every right to say, “I sorry, this Confession is not working out” and leave the confessional.

Having said that, however, let me assure you that a priest would not laugh at you in Confession. That’s not what priests are all about and that’s not what Confession is all about. Confession is a place where the priest is acting in the person of Christ, and it is time when we bare our souls of our sins. There is nothing that you could say that is a matter for the priest to laugh at you, rather it is a matter for the priest to listen and offer you God’s mercy and forgiveness. That is what is in his heart.

Should never, ever happen.

Jesus would not laugh at you and the priest is acting in persona christi. This is a sacrament and something taken very seriously.

It is not uncommon for a lot of angst among those who have never been to confession (e.g. those in RCIA) and even those who have been away for a long time. I can’t remember ever reading a story from anyone saying it was a bad experience. Quite the contrary, most people find it to be wonderful - and it is.

You are given a chance to “come clean” with the Lord. It is not that He does not already know everything you have done, but rather you acknowledge and are sorry for your sins (even those you honestly do not remember) and wish to amend your life. You are the prodigal son returning to a very, very happy father. You sins are absolved and you are given another chance. How awesome is that?

Some priests, sadly, do not behave in a becoming manner. But no, I cannot ever see a priest laughing at a penitent. The sacrament of Confession is taken very seriously.

hello strawberryjam,just noticed today is your first anniversary as a member.congratulations.God blessings be upon u:thumbsup:.

That is a REALLY good way of putting it. Think of Confession as going to the doctor’s office. Jesus is the Divine Physician-acting through the person of the priest-who heals the sickness in our souls!

Let me tell you that it is normal to have any kind of fear of confession. You know how people are scared of going to the doctor? It’s kinda like that.

There’s nothing to truly be afraid of, but people just don’t like being vulnerable.

2 times ago was the first time I had gone in 3 years. I was so petrified and the burden of my sin was really eating me, but God’s grace flowed in me after that confession. People at work the next day even noticed that I was happier.

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