Thoughts about this type of gossip

Is it gossip or just a story when you gossip about someone the person listening to you doesn’t know?

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Probably depends on your intentions. There is a difference between gossiping and venting.


It’s still gossip. It doesn’t matter that the other person doesn’t know them. If it is gossip as you said, it is still gossip.

Gossip as there is no just reason you are telling the story.

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just to clarify, the church doen’st really use the term “gossip”

usually, what the secular world refers to as gossip is either detraction or columni.

detraction is talking about someone for no valid reason and you speak the truth, columni is lying or making up rumors on purpose about someone.

try to avoid it, it doesn’t do as much harm when the other person doesn’t know who you are talking about, but still, if you don’t have a reason to do it, then what’s the point?

Okay, thank you everyone. Sometimes its just fun to talk about people with an aura of amused disbelief, but I know that’s no reason to do it, if it can be avoided. I appreciated your comments.

There’s your answer. Yes that is probably gossip.

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