Thoughts about Virgin Black

Dear Friends in Christ,
Has anyone heard of the band Virgin Black or know anything about them? I’ve been doing research and am confused whether or not they are truly a Christian band. The info. on the web can be contradictory. Their lyrics are strange at times. The music itself is beautiful sounding (gothic metal/ classical). There has been criticism of them. Maybe I shouldn’t say too much and just ask for your thoughts. Please pray to the Holy Spirit and respond - thanks very much!

God bless you all abundantly,


It seems as if they may have Chrsitian beliefs, but they are apparently against religion because of past experiences.

I do not know anything about their religion beyond what wikipedia says about them, but I do know they are very good band and I would highly recommend them.

Sounds oddly familiar…
(WIkipedia warning. Some strong profanity)

Look. I don’t listen to Virgin Black, but I do listen to Evanescence, even after they jumped ship. I see no reason why not to listen to them.

I’m actually seeing them tomorrow night since they’re opening for Opeth…

One off their songs actually opens with the line “Religion has raped us.”

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