Greetings to all,
What are your thoughts regarding someone of your faith whether Christian, hindu, muslim, Judaism, Buddhist, etc. that you view by their actions or words that they are cafeteria Christian(or whatever the case may be)? Would you rather they found another faith since they seem to be only posers of the faith they profess to believe or are you personally okay with them saying they are (fill in the blank) and giving others what you view is a wrong impression of your particular faith tradition?
One reason I ask this is that I have no particular tradition and prefer to stay this way since I can’t seem to find a tradition I agree or have 100% belief/faith in. Why say I’m a Buddhist if I believe a majority of what I learn but also believe in a creator? Why commit to Christianity if the trinity makes no sense to me even though Christ’s teachings of love etc. speak to me? My intent is not to offend anyone-just curious about people’s thoughts on those they don’t consider devout for one reason or another in any given tradition. Blessings to all.

Greetings chataranga and welcome to caf.

Sense we are all sinners to differing degrees I hope the alternative is not what you propose. I do think we, myself included, should strive to be more Christ like in everything we do and say. I also think we, myself included, should strive to teach all people better how God wants us to live.

If you ever decided to become Catholic please know that the group you would be sharing communion with are ALL sinners.


It doesn’t bother me too much, especially if they are sincere, seeking, learning etc.

I remember what a dummy I was at first. My heart was in the right place. Good people were patient and helpful with me.

And blessings to you, chataranga.

I usually don’t judge another person’s faith or lack thereof.

My parents were not involved in any faith tradition for most of my childhood. They were fine, moral people, just not particularly religious.

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