Thoughts during marital relations

If a thought would be illicit to entertain outside of the marital embrace, could it become licit during the act as a sort of mental marital aide?

It depends, but probably not.

It’s not wrong to think about your spouse sexually when you aren’t having sex. That’s very much a part of the nature of the relationship. So carrying those thoughts over wouldn’t be sinful to begin with.

If it’s thinking about someone else that you find attractive in order to get more aroused, then yes, that’s mentally cheating on your spouse, at the worst of times.

This depends, I suppose. Could you be more clear? IMHO, it’s one thing to be picturing your spouse dressed up all sexy or something and quite another to be thinking about someone else, for example.

I agree with Jen - probably not. The licitness of a sexual thought is probably independent of what one happens to be doing.

Good chaste sexual thoughts about ones spouse? Yes such can be fine. (and it can even be possible think so of ones spouse outside the marital act - avoiding near occasions of sin of course).

Thoughts about others…no.

These replies make sense. Thanks to all who responded.

I would agree with the other posts. I don’t think you have a problem.

If you start fantasizing about others, though, that’s where you would have a problem. Not upon having the thoughts (as thoughts come and go sometimes quite involuntarily), but if you were to then dwell and fantasize on them.

Along with what above posters have said, please remember what Bookcat said:

Good chaste sexual thoughts about ones spouse…

While it’s probably okay to think of your spouse sexually, just remember that if you’re not careful it’s possible for you to lust after your spouse, and see them as a sexual means or gratification, rather than as someone with whom you want to share an incredible gift. You want to treat your spouse lovingly.

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