Thoughts for fundraiser? (spaghetti dinner)


Hello everybody!

I’m writing in hopes of getting some ideas/inspiration!

We are starting to plan for our annual craft/bake/variety sale and luncheon.

This year (instead of our traditional soup and sandwich), we’re planning a spaghetti dinner - I’m thinking of calling the overall event an “Autumn Extravaganza.”

I think it could be super fun.

We’re thinking seriously of having a silent auction as well.

Proceeds will benefit our home for the elderly and disabled.

Any ideas for getting local support or making it more fun, or whatever, would be appreciated.

(I’m even thinking of dressing some able-bodied residents up, Italian-style, to serve as greeters?)


Our school has parents or parish members donate themed baskets to auction off at their event. It could be a silent auction or regular auction. Themes could be anything the person is willing to include in their basket. I have seen baskets of wine, with gkasses glasses, snacks, or movie themed baskets with tickets or dvd’s, popcorn maker and bowls etc., or car care baskets, you get the idea. Endless possibilities.


Thank you.


Since a spaghetti dinner might be a larger operation than a soup & sandwich, here’s a fundraiser dinner checklist that might be helpful.

As for the meal itself, you probably should have a tub of meatless sauce and a tub of meaty sauce. If you’re worried about people reacting to mushrooms, put that in a third tub, or in a dish on the side. And don’t forget the garlic bread! (Yummy.)

I like the idea of donated items for auction. Just make sure they are donated early enough for you to do a little quality-control inspection. Usually people donate new/nice things, but sometimes they, um, forget.

What about background music? Piano? Vocalist? Wind quintet? String Quartet? Singalong? Compensation, if any, should be agreed upon in advance of the day.


Thank you.

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