Thoughts for Lent

Traditionally, Friday is a day of fast and abstinence in the Church. Of course, with Lent coming up, and Ash Wednesday, fasting is something we should be thinking a lot about. On Ash Wednesday, I think we should fast joyfully. On Good Friday, I think we should in mourning our commeration of the Lord’s death. Of course, on Easter Sunday, we feast. I think that’s something about us Christians. We’re such an oddity to others since we fast before we feast. I think fasting is generally a good thing. If you haven’t the physical capability to go to extremes, don’t, but do something. One small change in your habits can help you grow in some way closer to Christ. Pray more, fast, think about Jesus Christ more. Think to yourself “I am a Christian, what does that mean”? As we gaze toward the cross of our salvation, and we bow before the Lord in humility, maybe it is best to ask God “what can I do for you”?

I cant find it but somewhere in the Old Testament it is written that fasting alone for its sake is not enough, or the true reason to fast. It is for penance and sacrifice. I must find this passage :innocent: Offering it up like a mortification.

And yes, it teaches us great discipline. So does the tradition of giving up something significant for Easter, or doing something difficult. Even if that is waking at 3am for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Or other prayers.

ON that, the Feast of Divine Mercy Sunday is the Sunday following Easter Sunday. ,In the private revelation to St Faustina, Jesus asked for a Novena, with daily intentions, beginning on Good Friday. To prepare for His Feast of Divine Mercy.

"Jesus asked that the Feast of the Divine Mercy be preceded by a Novena to the Divine Mercy which would begin on Good Friday.  He gave St. Faustina an intention to pray for on each day of the Novena, saving for the last day the most difficult intention of all, the lukewarm and indifferent of whom He said..."

While I will certainly will fast as appropriate. But I’m also going to do a few other things for lent. I’m giving up TV for all of lent, which for me is difficult. I have some religious DVDs so I may watch those but not my shows I really like. I’m going to declutter and give all unwanted usable items to charity. I will also read the Gospels and Acts again.

I know I need to read more and I know I need to pray more

I think maybe I have a hard time waking up at 3 a.m. but I do need to start waking up earlier

Lenten thoughts

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