Thoughts have power?


Do we need to purposely pray in order to action prayer or is it sometimes enough to simply have charitable thoughts?


The Bible tells us " Pray always " . It doesn’t mean we should be always reciting the Our Father or Hail Mary It means we should have a disposition of prayer and not get distracted by things that draw us away from God.
Charitable thoughts are good, but the power of prayer comes from the fact that we have consciously entered into the presence of God and are petitioning Him or thanking Him or praising Him or listening to Him


Need to address Jesus or The Holy Spirit or Mary or one or more of the saints … and then we must express our petition.

Don’t need flowery language.

Get into the habit.

Sometimes … just the word “help” is enough.


Ive read one or two stories over time about people who have been in trouble and have been helped or saved in sometimes remarkable ways, so that seems to indicate that we don’t always need to expressly pray in order to be heard so to speak. Admittedly these are uncorroborated stories.


Related to this, when we offer up our suffering as a sacrifice is it the offering alone which is of merit or the process of suffering and the related thoughts and mental state induced by that suffering?


Yes. Jesus came to earth to show us what God is like. God is not remote, which is why He has chosen to dwell (tabernacle ) in our midst.

Its the offering we make, how much it cost us and the love which motivates

If you don’t say words how can you be heard ?


Thank you. My feeling is that yes, God is not remote, I think He is aware of our needs before we know them and therefore He may also be aware of the unspoken prayer, how I don’t know but perhaps the answer is something to do with our guardian angels?

(I’ll be offline in a short while but thank you for helping my understanding.)


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